Tech Class ( Some Champ Improvement )

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Punisher 2099 :

Special 1: Excessive Force – A vicious pistol whip followed by a barrage of hot lead shows why Jake still relies on good old fashioned gun-powder.

Punisher 2099 momentarily switches his battery into Overcharge mode, gaining 20% charge over 5 seconds.

5% of the Battery is drained to to Bleed the opponent

Nano-Tech – Automatic Effects
Opponent activates a Regeneration Buff – 15% of the Battery is drained to infect the opponent with nano-inhibitors and Heal Block them for 10 seconds. This Debuff automatically reapplies itself if a Regeneration Buff is still active when it expires.
Punisher 2099 drops below 25% Health – the Battery is drained entirely, allowing Punisher 2099 to Regenerate 40.8 Health over 15 seconds for each percent drained.

Punisher 2099 lands a Heavy Attack – 10% of the Battery is drained to Stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds.



Armor Up Buff Are Passive

Special 1: Transmit Force – Red Skull strikes his opponent before passing through space to quickly catch them off guard with two quick hits.

All hits refreshes all Shocks on the opponent inflicted through Red Skull’s abilities and Stuns the opponent for 2 Seconds And Armor Break For 10 Seconds

RedSkull Has A Chance To Gain A Fury Buff increase he's Damage For 10 Seconds


Vulture :

Give Him More Incinerates Damage

Special 3: Hybrid Alien Technology – Striking from the sky, Vulture hurls his opponent back, before employing an industrial laser heavily modified with alien tech.

This attack Incinerates the enemy, dealing 3500 Energy Damage over 20 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while it’s active And Bleed The Opponent .

At 100 Chitauri Energy He Get A Fury Buff Until He have Less Then 100 Chitauri

Disclaimer : All The Iron man In Tech Need Beta Not Simple Improvement


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    issamaf80 wrote: »
    Need Your Opinions

    In my opinion, you should focus on one champion at a time and specify what you think is wrong, and how you would specifically remedy that. In my experience, this sort of thing doesn't leave a lot of avenues for people to provide feedback. On the surface it just looks like you're saying "this is how I would make my own game" and the amount of effort it would take the average forum reader to first compare your write ups to the current state of the champions and then figure out what the point of the changes are probably deters 99.9% of people from thinking out it enough to respond.
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    So is this assuming it’s 5/50 champs or 5/65
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    Well, honestly the addition of a fury buff seems lazy, a boost in base attack is really what they need, and Red Skull is so interesting to me, I want him so badly just to try him out. But I think he needs some way to increase his shock damage, maybe it could an abilty like this

    Part of Sig ability: Power Sap
    When near an opponent under a shock debuff, gain x% power per second per shock debuff on the opponent, additionally, if the shock debuffs are 10 or more, Red Skull gains a passive power gain and fury

    This would make multiple special 2’s possible, getting more and more shock damage, and making his power gain a lot better, his armor mechanics are cool, so I don’t really have any complaints there. More damage, and easier to get to sp1 cause all his damage is really from that sp2 sp1 combo
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    Yea, I think I saw that post, but with fixing his sig, I think it’s better to have power gain instead of unstoppable, I like the element of needing a skillful intercept on the heavy dash in to get a big shock damage. And honestly, the Power Sap I suggested is better than having to be a discount mordo with that heavy power gain
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