2 Guys Looking for Gold 1 - Plat Alliance

2 guys searching for a new home. Both have experience in plat 3. Our prestige is both around 7k. Looking for a more chill alliance if possible. Tired of playing map 6 aq. Let me know what you have to offer!


  • We recruiting 5x5 and AW, we have 17 people at 10mill
  • Crilla420Crilla420 Posts: 90
    edited October 2018
    Do you have a line Id. Mine is crilla420 we can talk more. Gold 1 map 5x5 score around 110-120 mill a aq. Need to fill two spots after this war.
  • KhalDJKhalDJ Posts: 22
    edited October 2018
    Looking for 2 before AQ starts today
    Current starting prestige is 7100+

    War rating is 2270, so we will bounce around T3/T4.

    No assigned lanes for AQ, but war lanes will be assigned depending on what you have in your roster and matched up with the minibosses.

    Our Map 6 BG is optional, so if you’re tired of it, we can fit you in our Map 5 group.

    Please add khaldj on Line if interested.
  • GiedraGiedra Posts: 71
    Could use 2 players. 19.5M ally, map 5x5 @100% Easy going @ Gold 1. We hit milestones. Mature players that know what to do, no drama. PM Giedra in Line if interested.
  • Hey man send me a message. I have a spot for both of you.

  • Nsx2346Nsx2346 Posts: 32
    @PJK97 hit me up on line. Nsx2346
  • FugnastyFugnasty Posts: 104
    14 mill ally, 5*5, gold 1, lots of fun. Fugnasty on game and fugogg in line.
  • BadboybooBadboyboo Posts: 306
    Hiya. MxI is a gold1 alliance. We run map3 but are looking at maybe changing to 55333. Alliance is well organised but we want to keep demands to a minimum so the game stays fun. If you're interested add me on line. My line Id is badboyboo

  • I we are 20m 7.3k prestige day 1 2400 War easy tier 3 gold 1 pushing for plat 3 and maybe higher. In game is DeadlyScorpío71 and line is Samsungpro999
  • Looking for 2,

    Gold 1 Last 4 seasons with our last finish right around rank 200
    War is around tier 4-5

    Aq is 54444

    In game ID is flip3609sbro
    Line ID is flip3609sbrother
  • Corby11Corby11 Posts: 28
    Found what you are looking for yet? If not hit me up on line, corbycodes

    AQ Map 5x5 score 134mil
    AW teir 4 and 5 for easy gold 1
    Around 550K each week SA
    Donations enought to pay for the maps
    Events no minimums but we get through them ok

    Line chat usually friendly. All sounds very vanilla dont it 😆
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 96
    We will have 2 spots open after this AQ series. Map5 only and gold 1 in war. Contact me on line if you want to chat: Quikpik is ID.
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