First LOL run team build suggestions

Once I finish this months EQ I will have 2 T5B and I am 90% sure I will R5 my 5* Domino. Whenever RNG is kind enough to give me a Massacre, I will probably start looking towards a first run at LOL. My question is who would be best to fill out the remaining 3 spots. Would it be better to bring a mutant synergy team for the attack bonus, or maybe Rulk/Angela/Hela for the incinerate on heavy and an extra 20% health. Or should I bring some of my other R4' 5*'s (GP, Void, Corvus).


  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 681
    You definitely want Rulk... paired with Massacre that gives Domino crazy damage on her heavy.

    For the last 2 spots, there are a ton of things you do like Angela/Hela (which is a decent choice). CapIW and a mutant to turn on his mutant synergy might be best for her in terms of crazy special damage. Or bring whichever Deadpool it is that gives her +10% damage against male non-robot characters (that's the majority of your fights, including Maestro).
  • Pretty sure you’ll need gp for at least one of the fights and the hela/Angela synergy probably won’t be that useful to you. Hela is actually the quickest LoL clearer but you would need r4 or higher. I’d say domino-rulk-massacre then whatever
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