Kabam Stole My Lunch Money needs 3

Kabam Stole My Lunch Money is an 8.5mil rated Alliance with a war rating of 794 - Silver 3 in Season 4. We're looking for 3 members. We do AQ every week and will be running more wars. We're a semi-chill alliance - our mantra is that real life comes first, but we still expect you to be active. We run Map 4 in AQ, but due to low yuoAQ participation of late, we've been running one BG of Map 4 and one of Map 3. We need 3 people who will be engaged with the alliance, who will use the Discord app to chat with us since the in-game chat sucks, who will join every AQ and AW, make the required/recommended weekly donations, and can put up at least 10k a week in SA.

If this sounds like you, we're anxious to meet you. Send me a message on here or add krumbledkookie in-game, and we can chat and see if you're a good fit. (I'm not the leader of the alliance, but an officer.)


  • KrumbledkookieKrumbledkookie Posts: 263
    We grow together. We have uncollected members and officers in our ranks, players with multiple 6* champs.

    Come join us, reap the rewards and have some fun. Add me in game and i'll get you in.
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