We need unit bundles this month

We need units bundless badly this month. With the labs costing revives (units) and lots of gold, the increase in energy (units) from a whole additional difficulty, revives (units) for the symbiote difficulty, and the unit cost for symbiote boosts after strands are gone we cannot complete content without dishing out major cash. Many won't be able to do content without extra incentive.


  • skullduggery72skullduggery72 Posts: 218 ★★
    Cyber Monday soon so doubt we will get any Good deals before then
  • Cyber Monday is over 1 month away. Not sure if that could be considered 'soon' in a game who's content changes monthly. @ShadeZero when you say Unit bundles, I do you mean a reduction in price of the always available Unit packages in the store? Perhaps some Energy Refills AND Revives being temporarily added to the Unit packages would increase sales with such an incentive? Certainly couldn't hurt. There's always Arena Grinding available if you really want those rewards. Granted that takes time. Time is money in many instances. At the end it's a question of what's the time worth to you? Less time in game and cash spent? Or more time in game with no cash? There's always a way, just a matter of a choice. The prospect of added bonuses with the Unit packs is a nice one. However, it's unlikely to happen if it wasn't already planned.
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,099 ★★★★★
    Symbiote difficulty should not cost you any units unless you are buying energy refills, you get more than enough strands if you finish epic and master and with the boosts, you really shouldn't be dying with the symbiote most fights outside of bosses take under 30 hits
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