Gold becoming an issue!

With the relese of 5* and 6* star champs the gold rate has not gone up to reflect the increase to lvl up said champs. Maybe I'm the only one having gold issues but in my case and my experience the gold we get for arena, AQ,AW ect doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Would like others take on this.


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    Gold is definitely a problem. I've noticed they have started to add gold to bundles for purchase. So of course you have to pay money for gold to not be a problem.
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    Lol ya I've seen that but not about to spend money on in game curruancy I'd rather collect it in game some how but with the increase on leveling up champs it's a futile effort.
  • Before I sort of quit the game a while ago & sold all my champs (all 2*’ & 3* maxed, all 4* minimum at 3/30, most 4/40) I was sitting on 10 mil gold for nearly a year. I made the mistake of coming back to the game, have only been levelling/ranking up 5* since then & have 30 mil collecting dust. Like most things with this game: have patience, strategize & prioritize.
  • Yeah gold is a massive issue if you run high level maps and have to rank up champs to stay competitive, your gold soon goes. They should make halls of fortune a permanent feature event or at least run it once every month or so
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    Gold is not an issue when the RNG gods don't give you anything worth ranking up to higher levels. Then again, catalysts are not an issue either in that case.

    I'm sitting at just over 8m gold. Not too long ago, the RNG gods did smile upon me though and gave me a few good champs in a row and I was very low on resources then. Now I am stocked back up, so hopefully they will smile upon me soon again.
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    Like all reasources in the game there will be times where you struggle to keep up but you will overcome the bottle neck and then have a surplus of the same item you once struggled with. I can’t actually use gold fast enough now
  • There’s no money in adjusting the gold rate to be fair so Kabam won’t do it, LOL
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    And I'm not trying to start any kind of argument with this either just giveing my opinion is all.
  • Gold is the only thing I don't miss at all! We run map 5 and I pay gold donations for a teammate as well. I'm still around 13M, and I don't open gold crystals...
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    Running arena aq and aw you can make about 250k to 350k a week if you dont have a life. Leveling up a 5* costs roughly 1.5 million the math just doesnt add up in my book on the incoming gold.

    You can make WAY more than that from arena if you don't have a life.

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    Join or participate in an alliance that is active. Do the alliance events with them. These include X-Men event, Summoner Rank up, etc. You get may gold crystals from this. The other day I got 7 gold crystals and got 30,000 gold!
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    Ever since they moved all the gold milestones in arena to the first 3 levels, my gold problems vanished.

    Pretty much this. Dungeons are also a very lucrative place to farm gold. Make sure to max your milestones there. These two areas seem to be the least liked in the game but it is readily available and takes less time to farm than people think.
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    Yeah, I only have over 8 million gold. Definitely a problem! 😉
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    It be like that sometimes
    I started today off with just over 1M gold
    Leveled up my 6* and took a 5* to 4/55. Now I have no gold.
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    I’m on just over 100k gold, maybe a gold realm or 2 for December event?
  • The rate at which we obtain gold does not match the rate at which we spend it ranking 5* and 6* champs. It costs so much to rank our champs these days, and yet the gold intake remains much the same as it was before 5* and 6* champs were released. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, all I have been able to pull from the 5* and 6* crystals for the last 6+ months has been complete garbage, so I have been able to save up 5 million gold... However, I really would appreciate a good pull so I could actually enjoy the feeling of ranking a champ up again. I honestly can't remember what it feels like anymore.
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    Ever since they moved all the gold milestones in arena to the first 3 levels, my gold problems vanished. I was always near zero back then. I haven't fallen below 3 million in about 8 months and I've had several big rank ups in that time.

    For those who want gold, I suggest doing arena...but maybe not in the way you're thinking. Don't endlessly grind a single arena like you're making a run for a champ. Instead, focus on the first 3 milestones so you can target the gold and other resources.

    There are 5 main arenas (not counting the Alpha, Cat, and T4B ones). If you wanted to grind the first 3 milestones, each arena will take as few as 7 rounds each (the higher ones will take a bit longer, but not much). Stick with your strongest champs in each arena to maximize points.

    For example, start in the Trials arena and fight in 2 rounds using your top 6 2* champs. When that's done, move to the 3* arena and use your top 6 3* champs. Continue doing this through all 5 arenas and you're looking at 10 arena rounds every pass. That's 30 fights that each take less than 1 minute. You're talking 30-40 minutes each time you do this. Do this once when you wake up and once before bed and you'll easily get the first 3 milestones in every arena. In fact, you'll be done with the easier arenas quicker, meaning you can either spend less time in arena or you can spend the same amount of time in the harder arenas and knock them out faster too. And using this method, you don't have to deal with "Death Squads".

    For every 3 day arena cycle you stand to gain:
    111,450 Gold
    16,350 Battlechips
    122 Units
    from milestones alone (not counting the post-match rewards).

    For the sake of this demo, I spent 16,000 Battlechips to see what I'd get. I got 32,000 gold and 45 units.

    Remember that arenas happen twice per week. If you did this each week, you'd end up with:

    286,900 Gold
    334 Units

    That's gold you'd get from arena without ever touching any questing.

    This method can be tailored to your own roster and schedule. Don't have time to spend an hour a day on arena? Scale it back and maybe only go to the 2nd milestone in each. Don't have the roster to compete in the 5* arena? Skip it and focus on the others. Tailor it to your own situation.

    The point is this: the gold is there. If you don't want to buy it, you'll have to put in some time. The hope is that this shows that you don't have plan your life around the game to have resources to do things.

    Thank you! I didn't know they move all the gold to the first 3 milestones.
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    Sixate wrote: »
    Running arena aq and aw you can make about 250k to 350k a week if you dont have a life. Leveling up a 5* costs roughly 1.5 million the math just doesnt add up in my book on the incoming gold.

    It doesn’t cost 1.5 million gold to take a 5 star champ to rank 4 is about 1.1 mil
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    And that’s including the ranks before it
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    If you want enough gold to rank up 5* then you gotta dedicate yourself to arena. Or you gotta be real patient and wait for the gold you get thru questing. But arena is the answer to your prob.
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    Gold is available. It's really a matter of simple Economics. You need to balance your spending with what you make. If you're going for broke and not Grinding to replace it, you will run out quickly. If you Rank at a pace and keep a steady inflow, you'll have a balance.

    U make a good point but I rank only 1 champ a month (4 or 5* to 5 or 3) and still am low on gold bro
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    The gold income is very outdated

    Game is increasing the progression and the cost to progress but the gold isnt keeping up, ima end game player with 2 paths left to 100% LoL and the absence of gold is very frustrating.

    I used to have 12m gold, now i have 20k. I stopped opening every simgle crystal so i dont lose catalysts and Iso anymore, its very frustrating to play like that and im pretty sure kabam doesnt support us hoarding crystals

    Marvel Strikeforce has a weekly gold event thats pretty easy to do, i really dont see why Kabam doesnt bring gold realms back, or maybe change that trash sunday arena into something else, everyone loses the way it is, i know many players that are quiting cause of gold
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