Recruiting is harder than I can remember

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Maybe it's just me but recruiting is harder than it was when I started playing. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of ppl looking for a new alliance. Do u guys think it's because so many ppl have left and the game is starting to go downhill? Or is it just me having difficulty? I'm not complaining I'm just curious if others are having the same problem and what u think the cause is from. Thanks for your time.


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    I literally started up a convo on FB about this same issue little bit ago. It has gotten ridiculous. I attribute it to the direction the game has been turned to. Too many players leaving/quitting because they are tired of the BS and way to many mercs out for themselves. Granted those types of players have always been around but seems like there are more and more. Been looking for 1 player now for two weeks and well the search continues lol. So your not the only one bud
  • Yeah it's much harder to recruit nowadays.. lots of my friends stopped playing. Even I'm considering it.
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    Uh huh... Damn well agree
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    Agreed, and now it’s become a viscous cycle that we can’t seem to escape from... say you have some inactive players dragging your war tier down, so you kick them, but now you have openings that nobody is willing to fill because your war tier is down, the only people willing to join you are low level inexperienced players, but they bring 3*s to defense and get knocked out right away on attack, so that doesn’t help improve your war tier, then a high level player leaves because they aren’t earning good rewards, and it’s just a downward spiral.

    Truth. Viscous cycle indeed
  • I've noticed this trend over the last year or so. It used to be a thousand different recruits would meet your criteria, but some may lack the skill, or time zone convenience, or activity necessary to help your alliance. Now I feel like we are seeing what we can change as an alliance to cater to a recruit who might help us in some areas, but hurt us in others.

    I don't have the actual statistics, but I am wiling to bet 90% of the 'new' recruits we have added in the last year have been friends of friends who can refer one of us to the other as a reputable player and a reputable alliance. Friendships are valuable in this game. There's a time to be cutthroat, and there's a time to enjoy the game where you are with people.
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    Yep, I'm not an officer anymore since I switched allies but I found since AW seasons were introduced it became much harder to recruit. Always annoying, when you think you find someone, are talking with them in LINE and it seems like they are interested, only to have them completely ignore you because they got another offer from a higher war tier ally. It can start to feel like a second job, or simply just a waste of time.
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    Completely agree. Was discussing with my alliance too. Last season, we posted looking for players, and would get 3-4 inquiries per day, now looking for players and have gotten maybe 5 inquiries in 2 weeks. It's ridiculous, Like a mass exodus and we can't even fill spots.
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    Is there any way to see how many people are currently playing this game vs last year? @Kabam Miike
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    New content and modes please, improve dungeons (there are lots of things that can be done to make it fun/time efficient/skilled), and please help new players improve their rosters. It's like the carrot on the stick tactic. Help out these newer players to not feel too behind, give veteran players new content/modes, and events like symbiote have been great for most players.

    For example,
    Overall consensus is dungeon still is hard to accomplish in respect to the rewards (time vs. rewards). just because people who you want to play with need to find time with you (takes time), or randoms aren't paired very well so people don't finish room 1.
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    Man. You’re telling me. Before people would just frolic to the sound of a better alliance but now it’s so dead
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    My alliance switched the focus to AQ instead of war. We run maps 5 through 3. I posted an add looking for 50k rated players to run an easier map2 for and still can find ppl.
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    Alliance war us affecting this game experience. I havent met the first person in my game cycke who likes Alliance war.

    So many people leaving this game to play fornite
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    Yeah I hate war also. Seasons get worse and worse. It’s like a second job. Where’s the fun in that. And then add the fact they refuse to fix glitches such as properly working evade and blocking and such.
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    Recruiting is really dead now, and alliance activity is going down the drain as well. I think kabam needs to start looking at data, and turn things around. It feels like Thanos' snap took away half their player base.
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    It's refreshing to see so many other people that hate AW. Sure the season-ending rewards are nice, but the rewards you get for simply being in a war, to me, aren't all that great for the work needed. And if you happen to win, here's a crystal where chances are you'll get loyalty. Whoopiteedo
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    There are a few factors to this feeling:

    1. Your alliance is becoming better. You want more from the game, so your potential recruiting window naturally becomes narrower than before.

    2. Officer fatigue is a real thing which is why we first went into a merger (to get new officers on board) and then had another merger. Energetic officers who can recruit are the lifeline for any great alliance. Without them, alliances die very quickly.

    So people aren't really moving away from the game but your requirements and resources have reduced the potential circle of recruits.

    Having said that I think alliance size of 30 is ridiculously large and it is nothing short of a full time job to keep them all at one page.
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    Then there are people with plenty of experience who just don't want how their time is spent decided by the clock on a game. I think IT IS the direction the game has been going from the beginning. The items we need have been scattered into pieces throughout the game and there is way to much grinding time neccessary (in way too many different events) to get something "built." Then you add to that alliance responsibilities and it adds up to too much of a commitment for a game that doesn't help feed the kids or pay the bills.
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    And there is your reason that all the newbies want a platinum alliance or gold alliance, cause they seem to be the only players whonget things in one piece...and it takes to long to get them any other way.
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    They want to raise that r3 5 to max in less than a year.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,581 ★★★
    Probably took them a year to get the t4c to get their 2 4/40s they want a short cut.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,581 ★★★
    I have tried repeatedly to send a warning and get slapped down. The simplest way to fix this is random drops of more pieces or complete items from ambushes. It just takes too long for lower tier players to make progress with the larger champs growth. They look for an alliance that can help them get the things they can't alone or with a lower tier alliance or they quit...most quit...instead what kabam has done is made more stuff available but you gotta grind through EVER MORE events and everything in the game to take advantage. So for awhile they grind away in every event and as my arenas as they can to move up and then comes burnout. (Btw i think they tested it...i got a full phc out of a sunday ambush in the class cat quests. Blew me away...cracked a 2 star of course but it hasn't happened again since) The pool of players is shrinking.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,581 ★★★
    It is just real simple! no one new to the game wants to come into this game, start at 1 stars and go through 2s and 3s and 4s anymore, they want to get to a 5 that they discover is stuck on max r1. Check out lchn for an example...5 star...r1...player gone...they expect to move in this game you gotta crawl and grind a long time to get a max 5! So many marvel game choices out there...they bail. There is way too much time, grinding and distance between the top and bottom now...don't believe it can be sustained like this.
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    A lot of players would rather do their own thing in the game now. Whether it’s parking their account in a retirement/inactive alliance or just being alliance less. Alliances were cool and made the game fun. Then we, the players, made alliances too demanding and not fun. Feels more like work
  • My alliance has moved from competitive to retirement over the past few months. Players with 600k+ rating login to the game once a day at most. I know I pretty much only fight in AW at this point. Pretty sad.
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