First r3 5*

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Some people have been - how do I put this without triggering the profanity filter - unsupportive about my recent rank up choice. They said I should of waited to r5 4* Blade instead. I ranked up Dormammu for defence as well as the fact that he was more convenient. So, in your opinion, was this a good option or should I of waited for r5 4* IMIW, 4* Blade, 4* Void or 4* NC (all unduped).


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    Yes He's Good Champ Great On Offence too

    Hes the king of power Control Champ he's should be more then just rank 3 Maybe Rank 5
  • Believe me when I tell you, you made a sound decision.... So long as you know how to fully utilize his ability he will be dangerously good.5od08i027xik.jpg
  • He's awesome don't listen to ppl, do what works for you, I personally have him duped and at r3 myself great defender/attackeruvyp2a7gdnyf.jpg
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    He'll definitely be an amazing guy attacker with great power control. And since the next AW global node is bleed immune, people are less likely to bring blade, so dareisay magik and dorm will find heir place in war again.
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    issamaf80 wrote: »
    Yes He's Good Champ Great On Offence too

    Hes the king of power Control Champ he's should be more then just rank 3 Maybe Rank 5
  • My first one was easy lol. My first 3 t4cc were cosmic, got a 5* cosmic gem from the chaos rifts (Thanos ones) and then about a month later pulled Medusa from a 10k.
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    Great choice man, waiting to get my 5* Dorm to r3 as well. As r2 he's still one of my fave attackers - immune to bleed and pzn, power drain constantly...and if you know how to use his dimensional link abilities can get some nice heals and hit reliable 7k+ dmg ez.
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    I got n r4 his nicem7nryi3zxw7r.png
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    Should have*
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    SomeAss wrote: »
    Should have*

    Really. Grammar police.
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    You’re one won’t be good one defense as he’s not awakened
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    Great choice dude I remember my first r3 5*. SpiderMan Classic unduped. Everyone told me it was a stupid idea but I love him and destroyed any champ that stood in front of me ! I was actually planning on ranking my 4* Dorm to r5 but ranked GR instead
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