Looking for advise maybe alliance

So im a pretty intermediate player got some great 4*s need a bunch of catalysts looking for rank up advise harder AI combat training maybe an alliance
Pros: logs in and plays every day always participates in AW AQ Has great 4* champs is dedicated
Cons: needs to work on combat skills against harder AI modes has less than stellar 5* champs
Requirments for potential alliance:
Has to hit rank rewards for SA and most events, 3 BG wars with at least occasional 5* shards, has to be great at clearing AQs i really need catalysts :)
Ideally looking for a mixed alliance like a 5/4/3 or 4/3/2 AQ some vets some growing players who all participate daily


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    Current plan r5 gwenpool only CCs i have r4 scarlet witch emma frost ghost rider glaive for offense story/AQ then work on 5* magik then mephisto morningstar IMIW and killmonger for AD currently using hyperion Archangel and stark spider for AW offense
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    Got Line?
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    line jakjakrabbit
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