Black Panther (Civil War) Buff

Passive: A thick layer of Armor provides full immunity to Bleed.

Passive: Black Panther's suit stores up 25% of any damage taken and stacks up until he hits the opponent dealing said damage back.

Passive: Black Panther has a 35% chance to gain an Armor buff when attacking or being struck and while Reflective State isn't active.

Armor: BP has a 100% chance to shrug off any debuff costing him 1 armor. If stunned while he has an armor effect, reflect stun back unto the opponent.

Reflective State: BP stores 25% of damage taken and deals it unto the opponent when striking them. The damage will not fall off over time.

Special 1: 100% chance to bleed the opponent for 50% of his base attack.

Special 2: Consume all armor to deal increased damage (fury) lasts 10 seconds (Each armor counts as 250 attack.)

Special 3: Deal 5% Increased damage per buff active.

Passive: If BP has 3 armor or more he expands them to lose no more than 1% of his health from a single source.

Signature Ability: BP starts off the fight in Reflective State. Additionally he gains 9 permanent armor buffs lasting until he loses more than 1% health. Special 1 now has a 25% chance to deal Critical Bleed increasing the duration by 5 seconds and the damage by 25% of his base attack. Special 2 has a 100% chance to give BP Indestructible lasting until struck. Special 3 gives him 9 permanent armor again.

Synergies: Wakanda Forever: (BP/KM) 10% increased chance to bleed the opponent.

50% Luck 50% Skill: (Domino) All bleeds are now passive.

Avenger: (All Avengers) All Avenger armor rating physical and energy resistances are now doubled.

Skill Supremacy: (Skill Champs) Increase the duration of all buffs/debuff of skill champions by 20%.


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