Whom to rank up

Whom to rank up, including Luke cage to rank 3 or one of the other 4 star. Plz give sugestion in what order shall I rank up my champs.My priority is for uncollected title and other monthly events. Aw,rol and lol are not that important Thanx.


  • LordNeoLordNeo Posts: 141
    You should work on LC 5* hes really good
  • Rank up domino
  • jkcjmijijkcjmiji Posts: 170
    1. Luke Cage
    2. X-23
    3. Domino
    4. AA
    5. Iceman
    6. Quake
    7. SL
    8. GP
    9. Vision
    10. Hulk

    If duped or when duped, rank up Hype, Medusa, SW, Magik
  • JustLollol wrote: »
    You should work on LC 5* hes really good

    Yes that what I thought as 5* are going to be better than 4* anyway and on the other note I was confused between aa, iceman and domino as I love aa especially in current quest where I can one shot aegon but iceman has so much utility and domino is one of the best currently
  • And can u suggest which are the recommended champs for uncollected run among my current roaster so that I can rank up those and wait for other like blade and Corvus and starky.
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