Best non-apple device for Mcoc. Need some help/advice!

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My Razor phone is not cutting it and overheating after any match longer than 30 seconds.
Comments/recommendations on your device experiences would be great please!
Tried at least 10 flagships in the last 12 months so asking about new Snapdragon 845 devices or equivalent only that I haven't yet tried.

Best non-apple device for Mcoc. Need some help/advice! 26 votes

Galaxy Note 9
CallmelaFleurJayCeeParalyzerRehan010_ 4 votes
Asus ROG Phone
Swe_wolfisroberto94Naeem_25 3 votes
Razor Phone 2
OKAYGang 1 vote
One Plus 6T
bloodyCainJayProngsMelkerlanneroVampi007KM1216 5 votes
DidzeenameplasarsjumRCunhavinniegainzDankestChef 6 votes
The_OneAddyosSpeedbumpflygamerSpiderCoolscrystaldsmithAmazing_Demon05 7 votes


  • Tried a 6s and 7, 6s was ok but 7 was lame.
    Not spending £400+ for a refurbished 7+ just for this game.
  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 250
    Huawei, my wife uses a Huawei P8 and its super fast and fluid, no problems ever during these last months. No overheat, no battery drain no nothing, running on Android 8
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,484 ★★★★
    A couple of my friends have the Huawei P20 pro and they like it a lot, I was tempted to move away from the the Nexus/pixel range for the first time in years and buy the Huawei mate 20 pro but the green screen issues put me off.
    I have the pixel 3 XL and it's very good.
    On average I have 2-3 second loading screens which is half what I was getting on the pixel 2 XL, this is on both WiFi and 4G.
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    I have a Google Pixel which has zero bloatware so I have a ton of memory and don't have a bunch of useless preinstalled apps running in the background. I never had issues with overheating, lagging, or update sizes. It's really hard to develop on, and test for, Android devices, but I've had the best luck with this phone. I've also played on Samsung Galaxy S7, Moto X, HTC One. I have had the best luck on this device currently
  • Huawei
    Huawei mate 20 pro first android with 7nm tech blows other androids out of the water.
  • The_UnknownThe_Unknown Posts: 866 ★★★
    How can a Razer phone not work though? XD
  • OKAYGangOKAYGang Posts: 440
    Razor Phone 2
    I have the Razer phone 2 and the game has been awesome on it, you can run it on any refresh setting from 60-120 FPS and it performs well. I keep mine set at 90 FPS for most MCOC content though.
  • Huawei
    Huawei mate 20 pro first android with 7nm tech blows other androids out of the water.

    Should have specifically said all androids/ all snap 845s with adreno 630s
  • flygamerflygamer Posts: 150
    Ive played on a S9+ since it came out and have had no problems
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