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Hey Summoners
One of my goals is to be able to grind the 5* featured arena to get to the 11-30% bracket (about 7mil) and make 1000 5* shards per grind
That would help me get more 5* champs and keep progressing :)

My question is, how many 5* (and what rank) and we’ll as 4* (4/40, 5/50) do I need to be able to make 7 mil at a normal pace.

Now i know i am NOT ready at all
because i have
3 5/50
6 4/40
5 2/35
5 1/25 (which i’m slowly trying to bring to 2/35 in order to grind arena)

i also have 0 6* :(

but anyways, I would just like to know what i’m aiming for in terms of amount of champs

Thank you :)


  • That's honestly a relatively small roster for arena grinding, but the important thing to remember is the more you grind, the more champs you'll have, the faster you'll earn points. You have to start somewhere. I would aim for the 500 shard level first (~3-4 million) and with any spare time grind the lower arenas for chips and units. It would be a stretch to get there with what you have, but it might be possible.

    You're working towards a couple of goals when grinding. First, you want enough champs to not have to spend anything on recharges. At my grinding speed I'm typically doing about 20-25 rounds per hour in a leisurely pace. That means I need about 60-75 champs that will work in the arena for me to do about one hour at a stretch without recharging. I have plenty more than that.

    Once you have enough to fill your time, next step is to rank them up for more points and get higher star tier champs that also earn more points. I typically get about 20-30k per 4* team depending on rank, and 65-70k per 5* team (I also have 6* champs: they get me about 65k per champ, nearly 200k for a full team).

    You know how much time you can spend on grinding, and how you can spend that time. If you can spend one hour at a stretch three times a day, then you would want enough champs to fill an hour and will recharge fast enough to be available again at your next window. If you can only spend half an hour twice a day, the amount of champs that will help you will be smaller. You'll also earn less points of course, but you will want to pack as many points into those windows of time as possible.

    Lets say you only had 4* champs to work with. For me, that would earn about 500-600k per hour and it would take about 12 hours of grinding to reach 7 million across three days. That's more grinding than most people want to do, but some people do grind that much. If you could grind with nothing but 5* champs, for me that would be almost two million points per hour and I could do 7 million in about 3.5 hours across three days. That's really easy for most people grinding arena. That's I think the range of reasonable times it would take to grind 7 million.

    PS: don't lose those points from that 1/25. Add him to an otherwise strong team of 4* champs once you are well into your streak (>25). When I grind out my 5* champs, I take the left overs and stick them into teams of 4* champs that are about 4.5k-ish (it doesn't have to be that high, but I'm giving myself a ton of margin for error). You still have to win the fight and that champ will be a little low relative to the rest, but it won't break the streak.
  • Tahmkench911Tahmkench911 Posts: 61
    Hey that was very insightful!
    Thank you for taking the time to tell me this

    Much appreciated!

    I do gotta work and getting more champs...slowly but surely !
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    I have 20 5 stars and I run the 5 star featured and do 1 mil relatively quick and end up with 300 red shards. All the while, I do the 4 star basic and end up with the red shards plus the champ you win. That's 600 easy shards right there.
  • Hey that was very insightful!
    Thank you for taking the time to tell me this

    Much appreciated!

    I do gotta work and getting more champs...slowly but surely !

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