Please refresh Arena!

Hi Everyone,

I have been playing the game for 2+ years with non stop arena grind and now have a 800k account with over 350 champions. I am not literally bored AF to grind non stop and thus have taken a break since this month and it feels way better.
Can some experts, comment here and suggest how this mode can be less boring and worthy enough.

Thanks in advance to everyone!



  • Do something else while playing arena, practice my intercepting, that's what i usually do
  • I usually just watch a show or something and zone out while I play arena. That seems to help me as the arena is kinda just mindless playing in the infinite streak.
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    I'm hoping for some great ideas! I find grinding arena takes up a lot of time, however it's a descent pass time while waiting for quest energy when I've got time for it. Life does get in the way...
  • I’d like to see a an “auto complete” function for “easy matches”. And before people say this would create an imbalance let me say how I think it won’t.

    Easy matches are just that easy. Tell me when the last time you lost your streak on an easy match, that wasn’t attributed to fatigue, game issues or some form of outside interference. So it can be argued that you will win 3/3 on easy matches.

    After you enter infinite streak, if you’re anything like me 90% of the matches are “easy” anyways, so you’re just gonna roll over them regardless. The only equation would be time.

    This is where another argument could come up. What about refreshing with units? Well I can answer that. Make it so you can’t unit refresh any champion that was auto completed. This way whales don’t have a serious advantage over everyone else. If they want to refresh their top champs with a boost, well they need to actually put in the time. Now people can say Kabam won’t do that because it’s a revenue loss for them as less people would buy units. To this I say no, whales would still buy units to refresh top champs especially if they are boosted. This would still be a net gain of points higher than an average Joe auto completing.

    An argument would be cost as well. What would it cost to do this. I say gold. We win gold each match and for the series as a whole. I would gladly forgo the gold accumulation from said series and its matches to auto complete, I’d gladly pay a double entrance fee as well. Gold is something everyone has and is readily available. I am constantly near or above 4,000,000 gold all the time. Those who struggle with gold need to look at how they are managing that resource.

    Well what about Champion rewards Liss_Bliss_ I can hear people asking. Well that’s simple. Extend basic to include another 5% and featureds to include another 400-800 summoners. Even giving out more champions would not create an imbalance of the game. That or add basics+shards to a milestone, and those who reach said milestone are exempt from earning rank rewards because they got “rank” rewards from a milestone this will open up more people to get basics that need them.

    Just my thoughts on arena.
  • What if we can break down the arena into milestones that guarantee some versions of the champions in arena?
    If i hit milestone 1 - I get 1* champion
    If i hit milestone 2 -I get 2* Champion
    and so on till i hit 4* version
    Also increment to pool size would help a lot. Introduction to 6* arena will get the 5* featured way down.

    Thanks for the above suggestions..let's see what else this great community can come up with!

  • 1. Win by 100% 3 times in a roll gets a full energy refill
    2. Win by 100% 2 times in a roll gets a 2 star Champion
  • I find arena quite satisfying to play the way it is, not every three days of course, but I enjoy it from time to time
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