Some Ideas For """ Magneto "" Buff if h'ell be buffed ever

Some Ideas

Robotic champs do not gain any class advantage against magneto and suffer 100% ability reduction and he gains 50% attack

champs relying on metal like ( iron man's - wolverine - colossuss etc ) suffer 50% reduced abilities and gains 25% attaque

champ that has metal stuff ( gp / sparks / deadpools /) suffer 25% abillity reduction and he gains 10% attaque

-All magneto's special attaques are unblockable against robotic champions
- passive armor break (everytime magneto inflict an armor break he does place a presistant
percentage on his opennent

sp1 : inflict bleed and a deep wound making every new bleed damage and duration adds up by 10% up to 100% increase ( 60% to armor break+40% armor shatter )

sp2 : same bleed thing goes for sp2 + heal block for 10sec + 80% to armor break ( 60% armor shatter )

sp3 : 100% chance to shatter opennents armor by 100% making the opennent suffer (.... ) for every bleed suffered in this fight

-magneto gains a true strike against champ relying on metal for 20sec and their power gain is reduced equally to their relyment on tech's ( 100% 50% or 25% )

""SIG Ability ""
When Attacked :

-Magneto cannot lose more than a ( .... ) from a single source

-magneto gains a non-usual power gain depending on how relying the opennent strucking
him on metal is ( by blocking and being struck )

- 100% ( sig200) against robotics
- 50% ( sig200) against heavy metal champ
- 25% ( sig200) against champ using metal stuff
- this ability does not work against non metal champs


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