Gamora's Sig and Longevity in Fights

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As many know, one of the chief complaints regarding Gamora is that her sig only works once per fight. In a short fight, like an arena match, that's fine. In a longer fight, like UC EQ or act 5, then her once per sig really stands out as underwhelming.

There is also the fact that she only uses her Godslayer blade on specials, so all in all, seems like a lot of limited ideas thay haven't aged well.

I propose her Assassinate sig be changed to instead of a chance to do a crit damage multiplier once per fight, instead, after the slash from her sword, she gets # amount of swings, kind of like Corvus's glaive crit counter. (1-10 based on sig 1-99, for instance)

While her sword is out, she adopts a moveset more like Angela's, (no punching and kicking), and can trigger the same bleeds as she can with her specials (90% chance on crit for #dam over 5 seconds)

And given the nature of this change, the sig would no longer have the once a fight limitations.

Given some of the powerful bleeders in the game right now, i dont see this as being particularly OP or anything.



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    She's been dead a while now, someone chucked her off a cliff.
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    I like the idea it could work for Hawkeye’s sig as well. As long as hemmorage isn’t active it could be applied again.
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    jilanibux wrote: »
    She's been dead a while now, someone chucked her off a cliff.

    Yes, but *WHY* is Gamora?!
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    That's an interesting suggestion. I think she does need a buff. My suggestion from an alternate thread:


    Gamora constantly seeks out the perfect spot for a killing blow. She has up to 40%* chance to inflict massive critical damage (+500%) with special attacks 1&2. Gamora looks constantly for weak spots. Every ten seconds after it is activated, she has up to a 20%* chance to refresh this ability.
    *scales with Sig.
    - slight reduction in likelihood and overall damage multiplier is reduced from +700% to +500%; but now Gamora has the chance to refresh her Assassination ability. On average, even with a high Sig, it will usually take 30-40 seconds to refresh; but RNG could be kind...

    Any opponent struck with an Assassination blow has a 90% chance to suffer a Wounded debuff, reducing their Attack, Critical damage and Tenacity by 20% for ten seconds.
    - If you're lucky enough to survive an Assassination attempt, there should be some kind of debuff whilst you recover. This didn't seem overpowered; but could be adjusted easily enough.
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