Need Help Gathering Character Information

Hey everybody,

I could really use some help with a project I plan on starting. I want to do a series of videos on YouTube that are basically guides on who the best champs are to use against a certain champ (e.g. Iceman). What I need your help with is gathering some information on all the champs in the game. What I'm looking for is the information that can be found in the "Info" window. This is an example I found on Google Images.
Specifically, I want the information for the maxed out & max sig, 4 and 5 star versions of each champ, WITHOUT any masteries or boosts affecting the stats/numbers. Now I don't expect any of you to go out and find each individual piece of information for me. I will be doing a lot of research myself, but if you know of a site that has this kind of information, please send me a link. Or, if you know someone who has this kind of information, please let me know how I can reach that person. It would make my job a lot easier and I would really appreciate any help I can get.

If by any chance a developer reads this, hi. If there is some way I can talk to you about getting this information let me know. It would be awesome if I could get the information directly from you guys. That way I know I have the official and most accurate stats.

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