9m alliance, 5073 prestige looking for 1 player. AQ and War skills required.

Hi all - we are REGAL, the main alliance of the REGAL group of alliances. We have a 5073 prestige and Run map6 usually once every other week. Other weeks are just map5 all days.

We STRONGLY value AW and 5* shards from the rewards - must be able to handle war paths and communicate for real time instructions.

Your Prestige must be 4900+ - we can be flexible if you're close to big moves

Line is required for communication.

Duel event required, completion 3-day required - all else is hit or miss, but we always knock out item use event without much trouble. We don't save for SA, and always rank high.

Anyone interested should contact myself on LINE with screenshots of their profile and a copy of their prestige calculator - don't reach out to me in the game. Line ID is CamaroBMW


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