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Once again KABAM .... move that useless autofight from the bottom of the screen where every aggressive player use their finger( fat finger) to much .... you make us loose fight for this STUPID AUYOFIGHT 😡😡😡😡... reposition this useless button or ask if the player want to use it before the fight ... GET THAT BUTTON OUTVOF OUR WAY 😡😡😡please !!!!


    I hardly ever have an issue with that button, and I have decently sized fingers. I'd suggest using smaller swipes or upgrading to a larger phone if your thumbs really are too big,
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    Well .... in my case I prefer eliminating that useless button .. but in your case I guess you need it more then me !!! I guess you are a new at this game and you need those useless instrument 😂😂
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    Syborg1 wrote: »
    Well .... in my case I prefer eliminating that useless button .. but in your case I guess you need it more then me !!! I guess you are a new at this game and you need those useless instrument 😂😂

    Or, maybe his champs are maxed out and he don't need to do the fights. ;)

    I don't have any problem with that button and my fat thumbs.
  • Syborg1Syborg1 Posts: 18
    Maybe ..... but I believe he’s a new recruit wit tiny finger 😂😂😂
  • endryuendryu Posts: 33
    autofight is a nice thing, i use it even sometimes in master meq quest, soo why to remove it, its very goos thing to safe you time if you want to do something else

    I never had problems with that button, only when i forgot to turn it off, maybe you got very small phone??
  • Syborg1Syborg1 Posts: 18
    The phone got nothing to do with that , that button is to big and one way or another sometime with all those new champs you really need to play hard and move fast and that spot is just in the way !! Why don’t put it in another location when you can decide in the begin to auto fight or do your own !!! Is so simple !!!
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    I have a simple solution for Kabam...

    The Auto-Fight button DURING THE FIGHT should only be a STOP AUTO FIGHT (and only on screen if you are indeed doing Auto-Fight).
    If you are NOT doing Auto-Fight, then the button would NOT be visible (if you forgot to turn it on Pre-Fight, well then you’ll just have to do 1 fight manually until next pre-fight when you could turn it on for future of the quest you’re in),

    So if only time the button is visible is when you’re already using Auto-Fight, then..
    Then (A) there is no getting in the way, because you’re not actually doing the fighting.
    And (B) at least the STOP button is still there in case you had inadvertently left it ON pre-fight and ended up in a fight that is actually difficult. You have time during the “heroes rushing in” to turn it off, or if you find auto-fight lazy AI getting beat up too much you can turn it off before the AI leaves you for dead.
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 305
    I mean... why are you even pressing there? It’s on the bottom middle of the screen. You need to really try to hit on it by accident.
    It doesn’t even make sense playing clicking on that area
  • Syborg1Syborg1 Posts: 18
    Because ... unfortunately I can afford a bigger phone so!!! It’s hard for me to when I do a medium attack and slide forward and down ... for some reason I activated the auto fight !!! That when I can’t control the fight anymore after a slite 3 second ... that where a loose the fight !!!!
  • Syborg1Syborg1 Posts: 18
    It’s so simple !!!! That button is on the wrong spot for a aggressive player like me !!! You probably don’t even immagine how many fight I lost for that stupid auto fight ( wrong spot button ) !!!!
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