acount is bann

my acount is permenently banned pleas halp kabam


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    Dont cry now it's to late to save you lol
  • How to recover a banned account even if you have to pay a fine to recover it is there any way?
  • vipin1111vipin1111 Posts: 6
    how to recover my acount bro
  • vipin1111vipin1111 Posts: 6
    pleas halp me
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    FAL7EN wrote: »
    Dont cry now it's to late to save you lol

    Was you that yesterday you said the cheating issue was hopeless and we should have stopped spamming the account with posts against cheaters? well, apparently it worked ;)
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    If you cheated or modded pr handed your game to someone else to fight your game...
    Stop being Butt-Hurt and get over it princess. Start again at the bottom like the rest of us and grind and work your way up.
  • Dear KABAM managers
    Have you played a game for about a year and a half and I spend more than a thousand dollars on my account without making any explanation is this a fair punishment?
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    The forums are not the place to discuss any actions taken on individual accounts, including in-game bans. There is more information here in our forums regarding bans.

    Our Support Pages also include this information.
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