Contest of Champion for PS4?

Contest of Champion for PS4? 34 votes

NEO_mr_AndersonTimroschuiku2Justcause102sd__whiteAkib35AngusMac279Chak26Tht1guythtuknow 9 votes
ArcDeAngelusSolswerdWhododo872Mqc19Savio444CliffordcanAKKKTEKMrTicTac19992008FR33_HUG5RasiloverJyotishkaJadyBirdReynoldsDankestChefXxLoganTDCxXThe_red_EclipseSNEERKRONOSDOUBLEJayCeeAlexxキング 25 votes


  • You posted the same thread twice, you even got an official response from a moderator and you make a post about the same topic that you already got a response for
  • No
    why? no need to make another thread, seeing attention or something?
  • Yes
    Well, technically, this post is asking players what they think about MCOC for PS4 — so no he's not making the same thing, one was a discussion and one is a poll.
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 726
    No. Just no. The last thing people want is a free to play game with the psn charges
  • Yes
    It would be awesome, but here are to many logistics to work around.
  • No
    Xbox is better but no. They will not make a mobile game on the console. It would take lots of money, time, etc
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