Tier 3 Class Catalyst Quests Are Broken

ItsJustJoshhhItsJustJoshhh Posts: 24
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There is something seriously wrong with the t3 class catalyst quests. I have gone through the science quest 14 times and acquired the 4* chest each time to not even get ONE SINGLE CATALYST. The amount of energy that had to be used to get absolutely nothing is outrageous. Something needs to change with this. You know it’s broken when my t4 class catalyst stash feels like I have unlimited yet I’m struggling to get a single t3. Fix this please!!!


  • This has been ongoing for a LONG time now. Took vaguely 18 runs in the t3 Skill Quest to finally acquire 1 full t3cc. I was about 2 more runs shy of building one via the frags, lol. It's EXTREMELY frustrating.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Agreed that the quests are stingy to say the least, but I think it's because they bridge the gap between the two class cat acquisition methods. The T1 and T2 are available almost exclusively via the daily quests and T4 are almost exclusively crystal driven. T3 require both the daily quests and the fragment crystals.

    I very rarely do the daily quests anymore for t3, but instead have stockpiled a few hundred T3 frag crystals and just open them when needed.

    Honestly not even sure where I get the frag crystals though. Maybe the 22hr solo events?
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