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  • Cool man,, good to know it’s not my connections,, hoping the update fixes it cause anything challenging is not worth even trying right now,, as well as any content if you get the message popping up 5 times
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437 ★★★
    It's been getting worse with each new update so it probably won't get better. A major upgrade to their servers is likely in order.
  • Just was thinking they should have a message saying connecting to our network,, lol,, definitely got worse today to now it’s unplayable,, hoping that emergency maintenance message pops up soon
  • What do you guys think ,, @Kabam Miike u aware of this,, you working on this,, you can watch a bunch of levelling videos on YouTube 3 months ago with this problem,, but now it’s affecting everything,, not just that rank ups..
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437 ★★★
    They are well aware and it's all part of the iOS/Android problem report threads.
  • NOMFNOMF Posts: 35
    They are well aware and it's all part of the iOS/Android problem report threads.

    Sometimes I wonder if those threads are ever read... game bugs are why I am alliance free.
  • Flash_GordonFlash_Gordon Posts: 123
    Aaaaand it's back....
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 519 ★★
    Takes five minutes to enter the crystals tab,totally not important time of my life.
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    it's becoming annoying it's happening more frequently under high end content and wars
  • VolcanoVolcano Posts: 3
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    kabam is not fair, in last few weeks, few times i lost 50% of my champion health becuse 5 min loading and finaly i lost my champion health, please fix it or give me back my team health or reviv back, i spend them for nothing becuse the conetion becuse the kabamed
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    They give you one chance to disconnect every two hours... you will not lose any health..

    After that, it’s a safe guard from people force quiting and opening back up the game to save on resources..

    So you need to play when have a better service connection. So if your disconnecting more than once every two hours, your service is no good and should wait to play knowing that you will lose life , or your purposefully doing it

  • VolcanoVolcano Posts: 3
    i use strong wifi, and i lost my champion health, also i have record video of how im waiting for 5 min loading in aw and finaly i lost 50% health, i asks my alliance mate and they said they had same problem too, and kabam need fix it becuse is sucks in aq and aw, i dont care if this happend be in daily or monthly quest but in aw and aq is not fair
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    Their servers are trash.
  • Cranmer00Cranmer00 Posts: 509 ★★
    Put in a ticket to support, and also depending on what type of phone you have, there is a thread for IOS or Android problems, post there and it will help them fix the problem
  • VolcanoVolcano Posts: 3
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    thank you for your help cranmer
  • GsabaGsaba Posts: 62
    Yeh that’s very annoying, been happening to me for a few months and sucks in war.
    Apart from usual bugs, crashes, glitches, one new thing is that after opening 3-4 crystals, it goes slow motion and then crashes.
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    It only happens in Aw and AQs as per my knowledge. That's why I sit extremely close to my wifi router or ensure strong internet connection before starting
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    I'm literally 5 feet away from my router. No one on the net but me. My phone is not even a year old. Kicked from Aw fight.acsi142hls8o.jpg
    This has been an on going issue since and before last update. Why don't yall investigate and invest in server communication. Make and model, software version and all that is irrelevant. I've gone through the proper channels and submitted multiple tickests since year 1 launch of game and nothin has changed.
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    Yes. I agree these issues must be fixed.
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    I've headed over to the proper whatever n done that. Nothing ever chages.
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    Kabam seems like they'd rather pocket the revenue than re-invest it in infrastructure that actually works. They are probably running the same servers they had when the game started.
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 139
    It’ll kick you out of fights. You can trigger it by ranking and leveling. That really confuses their 1993 Packard Bell running Windows 3.1
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 139
    Oh and Cranmer, I know a couple people in this thread. One is on Android, two on iPhones. If you haven’t been getting this pop up every couple minutes for years, you haven’t been playing. It gets better for a litttle while, then it comes roaring back same as ever. If it’s never going to change, they could just say so. If it’s a built in message to shift blame, own it. We just want to know if they are actually working on the issue or will it continue to be ignored. This is not a platform issue. It’s the same on iPhone and Android devices. This is a MCOC issue.

    Now here comes the random Kabam forum mod to close the thread.
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    Connection issues have been increasing again. So has lag, loading screens take longer, overall performance is horrible........will there ever be a solution, a fix, something????
  • Is this being addressed? It’s so bad now and pretty annoying


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    Did you check your connection? You mght have a bad connection. You might want to check it.
  • mugichamugicha Posts: 30
    Connection errors occur frequently.

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    Is it just me? It’s never been this bad
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Same **** different day, really long time to connect, really long loading screens, connections issues with YOUR servers.
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Game crashed or disconnected 3 times since the start of this arena....can you fix it pls? We told you guys since a LONG time that the servers arent working well
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