Daily Mystic Turbulence quest has science champs? [Merged Threads]

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So I've noticed this over the last few weeks, and all the other Daily quests have champs matching the quest . (ie science champs in Science quest, skill champs in skill quest, etc).

however, the mystic quest has science champs in it .. with a mystic as the boss .. why is it different than all the others ?

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    That’s actually hilarious that they messed it up
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    This could hint to increased rewards? Hopefully.
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    so yeah, here's the science quest .. looking fine ...


    seems to just be mystic one that's messed up ?

    Also, is it just me, or does anyone else notice the AI on these class quests ridiculously "dumb" ? ie, hardly blocks, never throws a special ... like ever ... O.o

    might as well just put a 1* with 10 health, for how difficult it currently is ... O.o

    I recall a few years back it was a bit more .. "challenging" .. still not hard-hard, which isn't what I'm suggesting .. but geez .. it certainly seems like something is "broke" on these things.
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    so Mystic quest still not working right ... does Kabam even review this forum?
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    so I opened a ticket .. got this response ... O.o
    Please be informed that we have different settings in Expert Difficulty for Daily Class Catalyst Quest. It is intended that your opponent will be disadvantage of the class featue in Daily Quest, Summoner.

    does that make any sense to anyone else? O.o
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    Well at this point, support is trying to convince me "it's always been that way"
  • Hey there!

    We'll get this looked into! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    In the meantime, @dot_ditto can you send me a direct message with your latest ticket number from Support? Thanks!
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    Thanks! Sent ... (support was, honestly, less than helpful .. hehe) :)
  • Every Thursday since I don’t know when I go in to complete the quest and there is no Mystic champs to fight,only a Science champs.Has anybody else noticed/cared about this?

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    Bump for this.
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    yeah, I finally had a chance to revisit .. and still nothing being done to fix this ? *sigh*
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    All mystic champs in the tier3 map

    But all science champs in the tier4 map except for the boss

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    Uhh... Something's not right here... 5dxjra72woss.png4dyx62fopedz.png

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    All of these things are not like the other, all of these things just don't belong...? Lol
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    Hi all! Just wanted to drop in and let you know that this is resolved.
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  • Is the Expert quest even worth doing? That's a lot of energy for minimal fragments. Needs to be increased.
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    depends .. if you're getting steady T4s from other sources, then no ..
    if you're not, or have nothing else to do with your energy .. then sure .. ;)
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