How can some with high level/rating still ask for advice?



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    Big rosters does not mean high skill or knowledge. I've had many guys come through my alliance that were terrible but had great rosters. There's also a lot of mediocre players buying top accounts and not knowing how to play.
  • Yes that’s just to show that’s why I don’t answer to them because no matter what ppl will say they already decided, purely show off

    Given that you've only posted 36 times, I can see how you never answer.

    There is a legit reason to ask whom to take to r3 or r4 because it takes a whole bunch of cats, gold, not to mention t2a, which is a very rare resource. It is legit to be confused whether to rank or not / wait for a better pull.

    Just yesterday after a confusing poll, I decided to hold on and not rank any 5 stars. I took my 4* Medusa to 5/50 after taking advice from my alliance.
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    Like others have said...the day you stop asking questions and assume you “have it all figured out” is the day you become obsolete. That’s a tried and true narrative.

    Even the best of the best still reach out and ask questions. Iron sharpens iron bro. How else would we learn?

    There are countless people playing this game from each end of the globe. Surely someone somewhere has encountered the situation where you’re sitting on a decision to rank up two seemingly good champs, but you don’t have the resources to rank both.

    I get that these forums can get a little wild with conspiracy theories and angry mobs vs cash whales and people who pay their way to top champs. But yo...everything isn’t cloaked in evil intentions. Of course there are people throwing up sneaky brag posts. Of course there are people showing off. But...there are also generally people just trying to make the most of this game and asking the community for help.

    They have a saying, when you bite off more than you can chew....”YOU GOT TOO MUCH DIP ON YOUR CHIP.”

    Never assume you don’t have to ask questions. Never put too much dip on your chip.

    Hey, while I’m here...I’m one T4bc away from rank 4 either an unawakened (but clutch) 5* Blade or an awakened 5* Corvus. Thoughts? Anybody?

    That'd be corvus, no contest.
    Blade is an awesome option, but r4 Corvus cuts through content real easy as well. Whoever you prefer to play, I'd rank that.

    Also, I agree with all your thoughts. I used to be of the opinion that how can someone with lvl 60 playing for more than a yr ask for mastery advice, but NOW I understand, it can get really confusing sometimes.
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    Isn't it against the forum rules to "call someone out"?
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    Ok, this will be my last reply.

    First, I honestly think that the posts I was referring to, were bragging.

    Second, I like to help ppl when they need advices. When I see a post of someone asking advices, I go see it. So, when I get in and I see a post, with pics, of over 30 5*, most of them dupped, I just feel like I've said before... ''I feel like if a guy, with a $250k Ferrari, comes to me and ask me if he should put $50k gold platted mags on it''

    I didn't want to create such irritations, so, @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Wolf any of you can close this thread, please. Thank you.
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