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Mystery item [Merged Threads]



  • RunamokUSARunamokUSA Posts: 369 ★★★
    So weak....just can’t figure out why is was a mystery until it was “Revealed “
  • Jkw634Jkw634 Posts: 284 ★★
    That was very disappointing. It’s like thinking you were going to get lucky with a hot chick then come to find out she was wearing spanx and not what you were anticipating to see.
  • GoDlyZorGoDlyZor Posts: 150
    Just classic Kabam why did we ever expect more than this? Then they wonder why their PR and community aren't as good as they could be.
  • sbdjdksbdjdk Posts: 178
    What can someone whose got past act 3 actually gain from this? Gold and few sigs on 3 stars?
  • FelganosFelganos Posts: 259 ★★
    I find this funny honestly because it made me think of what they would gift outside the game. This is not a direct insult at anybody I am just using my imagination

    Kabam would be that uncle that teases you by there being an Iphone X box when you open your gift, and a opened ketchup packet inside the box.
  • CrkwestCrkwest Posts: 384 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike this has to be a joke... Seriously...
  • KhabibTimeKhabibTime Posts: 4
    edited December 2018
    F this game, I quit. Never again. 2019 will be a good one without this game.
  • CateatswhalesCateatswhales Posts: 112
    Lots of people who never spend or spend little on game spent extra this month in gifting event., just cause people in there ally gifted them. So this is how kabam says thank you for spending extra this month..
  • MadbonėMadbonė Posts: 14
    Haha they gave us items we needed in 2015. This definitely helps us with current 2018 content.
  • Hopper99Hopper99 Posts: 102
    Wow what a let down
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    Seriously this was an absolute joke and pathetic to troll you playerbase like this on Christmas. Don’t make something so pathetic a mystery item.

    The mystery item on Christmas creates hype which set everyone up to be let down. Just make it o t he calendar next time. Don’t create false hype with pathetic items.
  • CateatswhalesCateatswhales Posts: 112
    Nothing will happen tomorrow let's get real there not giving us rank down tickets. They have said it to us every way possible. They made a joke about us wanting them in the last post
  • Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,898 ★★★★★
    So yes the reward is awful. We all know that. But a lot of people seem to not be grasping why it was hidden. Remember the calendar came out before the gifting event was announced this year so they probably wanted to keep the contents a secret until it was officially announced
  • skullduggery72skullduggery72 Posts: 224 ★★
    Kabamed, again
  • Seriously 5 small gifting crystals is all we are worth its xmas guys a greater gifting crystal or shards for 4 or 5 star maybe even some t4 basic frags would have been better i do not expect a reply to this other than a warning but hey i dont care as its clear ypu dont give a **** about us loyal players who play your game even with the issues and glitches merry **** xmas to you
  • VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 664 ★★
    hear that kabam? the people who didnt read the ingame mail are mad that they got 5 lesser gifting crystals despite being told about it in the mail. cant believe youd pull a fast one on us like that, getting everyones hopes up and then shooting them down.
  • ExHavokExHavok Posts: 518 ★★★
    edited December 2018
    Jac094 wrote: »


    Oh,finally 150 3* Shards, I've been waiting them for a loooong time and guys c'mon take a look there are so much stuff in this ss I can't even take a screen shot with all of them,Thanks kabam,great gifts,u r the best. (!!)
  • StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
    Thank you6wql3btd05xr.jpg

    Well this christmas i was waiting up excited for kabam instead of santa claus... should have know they would find a way to spoil christmas before 5 minutes in.

    I would honestly rather had 0 rewards than the huge feeling of disillusionment and disappointment that i experience when seeing their surprise present.

    Come on kabam. Get your act together. I have seen interviews of people who work at kabam and see their excitement and passion. I know they put so much effort into new champs and nodes. A lot seem to get to know the player base. That is why it still surprises me that they managed to F this ip so much.

    Perhaps it is time you listened to your players kabam instead of making us feel insulted by that rubbish gift. This is like the maze rewards all over again. So out of touch. Kabam need to do better.
  • CateatswhalesCateatswhales Posts: 112
    I would have rather got nothing from them. This is an insult. Especially since everyone is spending extra ro keep up in gifting event
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