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Mystery item [Merged Threads]



  • BendersBountyBendersBounty Posts: 160
    So yes the reward is awful. We all know that. But a lot of people seem to not be grasping why it was hidden. Remember the calendar came out before the gifting event was announced this year so they probably wanted to keep the contents a secret until it was officially announced

    They didn’t keep it hidden last year. I remember.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,962 ★★★★★
    This has nothing to do with the 4 year anniversary. Its free. Take it and stop whining.
  • thegrimmlingthegrimmling Posts: 167
    You guys appeared to have missed that there was 3 calendars that paid off. The gifting, Monthly, and Weekly.

    I am happy with the 5 lesser gifting crystals AND the Dec 25th 50 t4c shard crystals AND whatever hero crystal shards I got.
  • BendersBountyBendersBounty Posts: 160
    Demonzfyre wrote: »
    Its free. Its not awful. Just because it isnt what you want, doesnt mean its awful. Grow up.

    it is awful for anyone that didn't make an account in the last week, so grow up

    Yeah but we DIDNT make an account in the past week. You might have, so you’re very behind the state of the game. Those 5 crystals aren’t even worth $1. It’s awful dude. Just because 0.1% of players like it, doesn’t mean everyone likes it and everyone must be forced to like it.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Won't get the answer you are hoping for there unfortunately.
  • thegrimmlingthegrimmling Posts: 167
    I am happy with the 5 lesser gifting crystals AND the Dec 25th 50 t4c shard crystals.

    Log in everyday fools!
  • LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 4,179 ★★★★★
    It's Free so I can't complain, only thing I don't like is that they made it a mystery... That was Really not needed and just gave people false hopes.
  • KormoKormo Posts: 77
    Womp womp
  • mrcyrclemrcyrcle Posts: 87
    Umm... you didn't look close enough. The 5 lesser gifting crystals were SEPARATE from the Dec 25th mystery item.

    Besides from 5 lesser gifting crystals, I got 50 t4c shard crystals.

    Those were from the 2 week special calendar
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,962 ★★★★★
    Demonzfyre wrote: »
    Its free. Its not awful. Just because it isnt what you want, doesnt mean its awful. Grow up.

    it is awful for anyone that didn't make an account in the last week, so grow up

    Its FREE. You guys are just ridiculous. You think they need to give you the keys to the game and when they don't, you cry like someone stole you lolipop.
  • TsunaniTsunani Posts: 173
    They probably rejoice on our frustration, those sadistic c***s must be laughing right now.
  • LegendJRGLegendJRG Posts: 39
    edited December 2018
    Drooped1 wrote: »
    Ahitlaw wrote: »
    Boycotting now. I'm not spending anything ever again I've looked all month for this you won't get my money ever again kabam yes. This was free. But never again will iayfoe a company that pulls this

    What did your local grocery store get you?
    Cable company?
    Phone carrier?

    This argument falls flat as could be. Kabam gifting something without physical value has no impact loss on them. Those companies also don’t have to keep you interested in their products for continued revenue, but instead just offer solid service at a reasonable price. This game is entertainment that has to continually hook us or we will leave, like other games that do a MUCH better job of listening to community feedback and giving way cooler stuff for, you guessed it, free as a thank you.
  • realmente,esse presente foi horrivel,so nos fez acreditar que era uma coisa boa,que presente mequetrefe
  • PgalPgal Posts: 39
    I guess they'll just say that they intended to give greater gifting crystals but something went wrong, after they see all the posts here
  • 2_EZY2_EZY Posts: 21
    The fact that some of us spend money on the game and get this is very disappointing. Some of you are ok with it but obviously you don’t spend on the game. It’s true that they could have given us something worse but to get This on Christmas Day it’s very saddening. Merry Christmas Kabam thanks for making me see that in fact I should drop the game.
  • BlackSaChiBlackSaChi Posts: 298
    This was the worst gift... I sold all items I got from this 5 and total gold is 4k.... Is it marry Christmas? Seriously???
  • Nemesis666Nemesis666 Posts: 166
    This game is 1% pure joy and 99% disappointment, seriously.
  • BendersBountyBendersBounty Posts: 160
    Yeah but we all know the gifting event was coming. Last year you gave us the same crystals on Christmas/ChristmasEve and they were not hidden. But this year you decided to hide them. So your reasoning behind hiding them is incorrect.
  • ManChildManChild Posts: 608 ★★★
    Everything in my body wants to write an email with more insults than are hurled at any sporting event in Boston. I’m so angry at kabam. They make money hand over fist. This is an absolute joke. The responses they give are terrible.
  • hydrogohardhydrogohard Posts: 218 ★★
    If I stay on this game I'm mosdef going free 2 play.I'm NEVER spending another dime on this game.I know they just made a killing this week alone on Gifting event to get bonuses over at Kabam HQ smdh
  • sbdjdksbdjdk Posts: 178
    Hey All,

    Thank you for the feedback on the Calendar. I'm sorry to hear that come of you are disappointed by the Free items in the Calendar that are just part of the regular log in Calendar. This particular spot was hidden not because it's a special gift, but because it would have revealed an event that had not yet been announced.

    There is also a separate Log In Calendar that is more closely tied to the Holidays. More importantly, I'm seeing a lot of people comparing this to the Rank Down Tickets from last year, but what I think that most of them are forgetting is that they were not in the Calendar either.

    I'll ask the team to keep this in mind for next year and the future.
    Good response but would’ve been nicer to know when the gifting event was announced that on Christmas we’d be given not even the hype gifting crystals to avoid disappointment on the day. Thank you for the holiday calendar by the way that still makes up for it for me.
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