4 star Star-Lord

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I have got starlord and duped him 4 times from crystals within a few months and only used 8 tech gems on him. Since, he was signature level 88 I had 11 generic gems saved up and used it on him. He is my first max signature level 4 star without the need of using awakening gem. I am thinking of taking him to rank 5 level 50 once i have two more t4cc. He is quite a damage dealer despite not having any utility apart from furies and his element gun effects. Wondering if I should go for it? I have Sentinel and doc ock as well but I enjoy using SL. jjanlhcwnl8j.jpg


  • With eyes closed cleared act 4 for me when he was at 4/40 ..huge respect for him
  • Yea he was my champ that took out maestro and the collector.He was also many of the newer players ticket to labyrinth so rank him up.
  • Damn so many SL pulls...I only pulled him once and then used a gem on him and for now he sits at Sig 45 with me using every tech stone on him..he has been highly useful for me and I love him at 5/50 and he is also in my aw attack team and I almost one shot an IMIW war boss with him this season without using boosts(not a huge achievement I know but it was a fun fight)
  • Once you can play with out getting hit the 4* SL is good, the 5* is even better
  • thank you guys
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