Is my team good or bad for Master in Event Quests?

My team: 4 Star Nightcrawler, Rank 4 Level 40, Signature Level 20.
4 Star Spider-Man Stark-Enhanced, Rank 4 Level 40.
4 Star Thor Ragnarok, Rank 3, Level 30, Signature Level 47
5 Star Black Panther, Rank 1 Level 25
3 Star Loki, Rank 4 Level 40, Signature Level 22


  • Is there anything I need to work on?
  • Or make any changes?
  • It depends on your skills, from what it seems, it is doable, but it also depends who you are fighting, nodes and such. If you don't mind spending energy, you can give it a practice try.
  • Thank you
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    @LoctiteSuperGlue I can beat the Master Boss in the Chilled Challenges without any revives, but I do tend to use my whole team.
  • I would try to do the first chapter without potions or losing half the team and go up from there. I first finished Master EQ with 4/40 X-23, 4/40 Nebula, 2/35 Dorm, 2/35 Stark, 4/40 Medusa with no potions.
  • Ok, I will try that
  • Your team should be good but like i do in uc eq, save sparkey for boss and be careful with the others
  • Batpotter wrote: »
    Is there anything I need to work on?

    If you are talking about normal monthly event quests, the main thing I think you're missing is sustainability. Which is to say, different months have different maps and some have longer paths than others. Long paths mean you need to fight more fights to complete the path. You need to be able to defeat things like bosses and minibosses that are stronger than most of the stuff you fight, but sometimes you just have to push your way past a bunch of relatively easy fights that nevertheless chip away at your health. Champions that have healing or other ways to deal with or recover from damage can save you a lot of resources over time. Champions like Wolverine or Dr. Voodoo are good here, but if you don't have champs that have a lot of healing there are other champs like Captain America that just have very high block proficiency that don't take much or any damage during a fight if you play reasonably well.

    Also, I don't have one perfect monthly team. Different quests pose different challenges, and it is always nice to have a deep bench of strong champions that can do different things. Champs that can stun, champs that can nullify, champs that can armor break. One thing you're specifically missing are immunity champs, champs that are immune to bleed and poison in particular. Robots are good here (like Ultron or Nebula) but there are other champs with strong immunities like Iceman.
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    You're missing quite a bit of utility, an immunities champion is good to work on as they will be necessary as you work through not only EQ but story quests as well. You probably want some sustainability in your team as well as maybe consistent power control. Stark spidey and nightcrawler are probably your best attackers and the rest could be replaced as you get and upgrade better characters. Definitely not a bad team, will probably get you through the bulk of the event but may not be able to counter as many champions and nodes effectively
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