True strike or corvus suggestion

So I was watching infinity war the other day (it’s now on netflix😍😍) and one part reminded me of this game...when Corvus stuck his blade through shouldn’t true strike (or Corvus) be able to hit ghost,hood, and dark hawk when invisible/phased because vision specifically said something along the lines of his blade wouldn’t let me phase or something like that


  • Kushstar420Kushstar420 Posts: 192
    mcu logic vs mcoc logic is totally different so what you see in the movie will not fully translate to the game
  • ColleenColleen Posts: 101
    edited December 2018
    @Kushstar420 Even if....I also said true strike in general. I have a feeling true strikes intention is a buff that hits champs like normal without being annoying so if you have true strike against a phased or invisible champ you should hit them like normal
  • I have another suggestion.... I believe that I should be able to hit Mordo when stunned with my Domino, it is well known that her first long attack doesnt make contact and she cant be stunned, I strongly believed that she will be a legit Drax against Mordo, you know.... before they “correct” that Drax’s first double hit bug thing .......
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