AW Diversity Question

In calculating diversity, is the whole alliance considered together, or is it per battlegroup? ie can we place three IMIWs, one per battlegroup, without penalty?

This is something I should know but don't, and I've tried to find a clear answer but can't.


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    gage201205gage201205 Posts: 576 ★★★
    50 different champs per BG 150 total diversity.... You got two amazing denfenders like imiw split them up in different bgs
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    It's per BG @BluDragon . So yes, you can have 1 IWIM per BG and still attain perfect diversity. 50 Unique champs per BG is the requirement to max out diversity. We run 150 diversity in our Alliance and we have some champs the pop up across the BGs. Just can't have more than 1 in a single BG.
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    BluDragonBluDragon Posts: 115
    Terrific, thanks @gage201205 and @SiriusBreak :smile:
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