Should there be a 2nd class of Officer ? (more ppl to start AQ-AW and move Defense)

I think Kabam should add an extra level of Officers. Currently, only Officers (and Leader obviously) can startup the next AQ-AW and move Defenders around, but their original role (before the invention of AQ-AW) was only to control alliance membership. It would be great if we could allow much more of the alliance to be able to startup the next AQ-AW, or shift some Defenders around as they go in to place their own defenders. This could be like a 2nd Tier of Officer that I could see many alliances potentially having a majority of their members listed as, without giving them the ability to actually control membership (which would still be limited to Leader and Tier-1 Officers).
AQ-AW Starting times each day can end up far later than the first day's starting time because a limited set of officers may not always be around as the previous ones end. Also, if a currently regular member brings in his needed boss or strong guards (or other defenders for specific nodes), but someone else has already placed a defender there, it would be nice if he could just move that other defender to another node and place his as needed (without waiting for an officer to come around afterward and move them). Giving this ability to more ppl in your alliance would be great, without giving them the higher ability to add or kick other members.


  • I would suggest that you take the suggestion you're requesting and look at what you're trying to accomplish and ask for that instead. Product owners always need to distill the user story down to the problem, to have the most flexibility to fix the problem, rather than simply doing what was asked for.

    What are the problems?

    AQ/AW starts at a different time than your alliance would prefer and requires an officer be available to start it. One solution to address this directly for the ability for officers to queue up starting the next AQ/AW at a certain time.

    AW defenders need to be moved by an officer after they've been placed and time constraints prevent this from being convenient. A possible solution for this would be to allow defense layout to be assigned ahead of time - and the placer just confirming they're bringing the same defenders. Much less effort to tweak from last time, or stay the same this way. It would also make sense to allow a standard member to "request" a defender node swap to another standard member, which they could simply accept on their end to enact the swap.

    All officer permission roles are tied to the title and not granular. Rather than simply having a different tier of officer, giving the leader the ability to assign roles at all levels.

    There is no means of conveying seniority or honors within an alliance other than providing them with permissions. By untying the title of officer from permissions there is the ability to create new in-alliance titles and honors. This would help organizationally, "BG1 War Captain", "Treasurer", "Scribe", "Comms Officer" as a title would help members know who to talk in the alliance about various topics.
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    Yes, would be great option if game allowed “pre-configuring” or “queue'ing” up of next AQ-AW (how many groups, which maps, etc) and then game would automatically startup next one when previous one ends. Pre--specifying a time for the first one of each series/week might be nice too.

    But was just thinking it would be easier to basically allow anyone in alliance who was logged in at the time to startup any AQ-AW (just wouldn’t want to potentially have some brand new rookie in alliance mess it up, thus 1 extra level of membership status). While your reply of making a whole checkbox of categories that each officer can specifically be setup differently as might also be nice, that just sounds a little too complex to both implement as well as to administer.

    And yes, hard-core alliances may do all that administrative work to plan out who everyone will bring for defense and where they should put them. But many other alliances have people changing up their defenders based on AQ schedule, running Master-Epic level quests, etc. or for those alliances who only run 2 war groups the people in each group may not be the same from war to war. Thus just having an extra level of membership to allow “most” people to move defenders (again, just don’t want some rookie to be able to sabotage it).

    And as to why don't we just make 25 different people all be Officers (under current game setup), that would basically only allow the actual Leader to make any membership changes (if everyone is a same level officer, they can’t kick others at that level) It’s still good just having like only 5 different people be able to make membership actions like inviting and kicking.
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