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Rankup advice please

I currently have these 5 stars r5 magik r4 ronan aa doc oc and og spidey my roster doesnt have an immunity champ aside from 4 stars I'm down to my last 4 t2a and I'm looking at ranking up these candidates please help me decide but keep in mind I have 6 star km and hawkeye I'm looking to explore act 5 100%

Rankup advice please 20 votes

Blade undupped
SungjPriyansh7DaileyBruinsfan8510dubstar00PedritkoFhfjghhggggjfhfjgLordNeoCosmicspiderman777ẞlооdBeyond00_Darth_SemzRT9 13 votes
Quake undupped
Quatre_1988 1 vote
Ultron undupped
UnsilentReaper213Thanos_Car 3 votes
Or save my resources for something better to come along
Ebbi23987jlamadisonDisgruntled_User_123 3 votes


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