Morningstar Bug

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Ingame name: Draiden Vampire
Device: IPhone 8
System version: 12.1.2
App version: 21.2
Carrier: N/A
While on WiFi
Champs affected: Morningstar [4/40, unduped, affected by guillotine synergy]
Boosts: None active.
Where: Skill t4 cat shards Daily quest, first fight (against ant man).
When: 01/10/19
What: The issues started when I used my sp3 to attempt to capture Antmans soul. Coming out of the sp3, my soul capture charges were not apparent (I got hit once right as I came out of it). I worked up to another sp3 and did it again, and my soul charges came up and I fought and captured his soul. I started recording after the first sp3. I paused to stop recording and when I came back, the sp3 sound file for Morningstar played again despite being in normal combat. When I went back from writing this to check my morningstars rank n level, the sound file for Victory played despite me being in the champions menu. I will update this post if the situation develops further.ochs1qqyh1qh.png
First pic is after the first sp3, second is after second sp3.


  • DemitriMDemitriM Posts: 303
    you are most probably wrong
    considering her sp3 has just 5 hits you cant gain 6 bars of power with only 35-10=25 hits
    and in the first pic, I can see you dont even have power gain no,impossible to have 6 bars of power in 25 hits even if you have synergy bonus
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    Sorry that you deny what I did but that’s what I did. I have a video but the website does not allow video to be uploaded (at least not from mobile). I’m not that good that I had one continuous streak lol. I had a small streak going (which I lost) before the I began recording and gained some power from blocked hits. Thank you reading and comprehending though!(@DemitriM)

    I came to comment for the purpose of correcting, I said it was the skill event quest up there but it was the mystic.
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437
    How do you have "a small amount of power" after using an S3? An S3 uses ALL your power.
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    Anyways...Antman’s signature ability can apply to S3s and prevent the attacker from proccing abilities. Here’s a video from a while back showing the scenario in the OP.
  • First pic is me losing the small streak I worked up after getting hit coming out of sp3 no. 1

    This is the exact hit that gave me my second sp3.
  • @CoatHang3r Thank You for linking that video! Very helpful I was quite confused and being argued with wasn’t helping lol.
  • Your SP 3 got Glanced, which reduced the SP 3’s Ability Accuracy by 100%
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