Can we talk about Void...



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    axelelf_1 wrote: »
    @Rixob Name 1 thing Void does, that not 1 other champ can’t... just 1

    Can reverse heal and power gain without landing a single punch or blocking.

    Cap IW & MODOK do the same thing bro

    Not without landing a hit. And nowhere near as efficiently as Void does either way.
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    @Rixob Name 1 thing Void does, that not 1 other champ can’t... just 1

    Turns into triple HHH and destroys on special 3!?
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    Guess you should have run the 4* Void arena....
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    Burro wrote: »
    Guess you should have run the 4* Void arena....

    That's pretty much how I got most of my good champs. I totally understand not everyone has the time/willingness to grind arena for a champ, but without arena my roster would be pitiful. I have I think 22 5/50s and more than half came from arena, up that to 75% or more if we're counting dupes.
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    My r5 corvus takes red hulk down in 26 hits or less. R5 sl takes him down as does domino quite quickly. There are lots of options to deal with champs other than void. Void is amazing but you always have options
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    Hey All,

    While we do make some of our most difficult content for Summoners with deep rosters, we try not to make our regular content dependent on just one or two Champions. While it might be necessary to have a certain Mechanic (eg, Power Control), we try to stay away from making it too specific.

    In this month's EQ, Void is definitely a great answer to Red Hulk, but he is far from the only one. In fact, reversing healing is not the only answer here. This kind of Regeneration buff has been used many times in the past, and there have always been other ways to deal with it. Whether that's just being more aggressive, or using Poison to diminish the Regen effects (I know that won't work on Red Hulk), or using a Champ that's proficient with Heal Block, Void is far from the only Answer.

    Agreed. I was able to beat Rhulk 3 different ways

    4* void (easiest)
    6* r2 domino with a crit bleed of 4200 per tick
    5* r3 gully

    I didn’t try 5* r4 ghost with wasp synergy but I’m certain I could have pulled it off that way too.

    But void was def the easiest option.

    PS a r5 aegon mighta worked too
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    Also, I'm not big on Seatin, but he shared a viable solution. M.O.D.O.K.

    Yeah MODOK is also an option
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    Cranmer00 wrote: »
    Capiw has reverse heal and the other debuts synergied.

    I have 5*&6* Void and don’t use him.. he was used in variant and that’s it.. besides path 6-7 in AW , he serves 0 use on my roster

    Either of them duped. I have 4* duped and 6* unduped. It’s night and day the difference when duped.
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