This is how little I count on RNG...

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I just opened a regular 5* shard crystal and pulled a 5* Void.

Because it was a regular crystal I was expecting to dupe my IP or any number of 5* champs that primarily generate arena points for me...

I wasn't expecting a champ I could use!

I have a 5* science awakening gem in my inventory, but I've heard fighting Rhulk in Uncollected is better if he's unawakened.

Before Void, I was thinking about using the gem on Luke Cage. I'm guessing Void is the champ you save the awakening gem for and not LC.

I literally do not have a game plan on how to add Void to my line up. I saw how he melts certain content and thought he was going to be like AA: "He's so OG, there's no way I'll ever pull him without dropping $$$'."

I'd appreciate any advice on how to integrate him into my team.


  • Use gem on Void for sure, his sig is so much better than LC. There really isn't much you need to know about Void, basically just spam sp1 in every situation. He absolutely destroys Rulk in the new EQ. I beat Rulk with 0 hits every time. Just let your debuffs build up and eventually all the regen stacks start to work against him.
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    Well, if you've a Killmonger you've a nice synergy called Fearless. If Vibranium Armor is active, Killmonger has a 35% chance to Purify a Debuff after a 0.5 second delay and then instantly Regenerate 4% Health per Debuff. Void regenerates 1% Health when inflicting his Intimidating Debuffs.

    Omega Red has the Deadly Presence synergy. Omega Red’s Death Field deals 10% more damage. Void’s Intimidating Presence debuffs deal 10% more damage.

    There are plenty of other useful synergies. The Gripped By Fear synergy with Hulk grants Hulk 1 bar of power when below 20% health. I've heard this is a gamechanger in certain story quest fights.

    And of course the Sentry synergy.
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    I’ve only got Killmonger in 3* variant. I’ll see what questing is like with a 3* KM. My 3* Rhulk still gets Dom a lot of benefit so I’m guessing a 3* KM would do the same.

    I’ll have to see how KM fares if my line up gets reduced to him in questing. 3* Rhulk cleaned up plenty of content last month in a pinch.
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    **** sad trombone ****

    3* KM doesn’t have the Void synergy.
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    MMCskippy wrote: »
    I have a 5* science awakening gem in my inventory, but I've heard fighting Rhulk in Uncollected is better if he's unawakened.

    I don't know who told you that, but they are wrong.

    Awakening Void gives you the Fear of the Void debuff. Basically, the way Void works is this. There are three different intimidating debuffs Void can land either by using Special 1 attacks or just automatically on a timer. The other two aren't important here but one of them is petrify. Each Petrify reduces health gain and power gain by 50%. You can stack at most two of each debuff, so two stacks of Petrify can shut down power gain and healing. On top of that the debuffs tick degeneration damage, so you can stop healing while passively damaging the target. That works against Red Hulk.

    The problem is that as you stack debuffs, eventually you will have two of each, six total. At that point you can't stack more. The next one you stack will erase them all, so you can't have six for long. Unawakened, you're back to square zero and have to start stacking debuffs again - which also means the target can heal again. Awakening Void changes this. Instead of losing all the debuffs, the next debuff you land when you have six debuffs converts all the debuffs into a single Fear of the Void debuff. Fear of the Void doesn't deal damage but it has the same effect as all six of the debuffs themselves. That means in particular Fear of the Void applies a -100% heal debuff all by itself (just like two stacks of Petrify).

    *On top of that* you can now stack more intimidating presence debuffs, including more petrifies. Petrify stacked onto Fear of the Void now turns -100% heal into -150% heal, and that reverses heals. Any heal that Red Hulk has will now deal damage to him. That's basically how Void causes Red Hulk to kill himself: you stop attacking him so he builds up heals, but you let FotV + Petrify reverse that mega heal into mega damage.

    You *can* kill Red Hulk with unawakened Void. Unawakened Void can stop all his healing and then kill him with damage. But your timing must be perfect and you must have some luck: if you lose all your debuffs and then you start procing debuffs other than Petrify, Red Hulk could heal back to full before you have Petrify debuffs again. But when Void is awakened, you can convert your debuffs into Fear of the Void and not lose your heal reversal.
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    "I have a 5* science awakening gem in my inventory, but I've heard fighting Rhulk in Uncollected is better if he's unawakened."

    I cannot think of a situation where Void is better unduped. I have my 5* unduped at 4/55 and my 3* duped at 3/30. My 3/30 was astronomically better against Rulk. Fear of the void is such an amazing ability.
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    Thank you @DNA3000!!!

    Can Kabam hire you as a technical writer?
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