CAIW or Void

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I like the hit through of unstoppable by CA. I’m not real familiar with using void.

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    It depends, while they have similar utility they have very different uses overall and their own pros and cons.

    They both are highly dependent on being awakened and at a high sig ability but CAP requires it, even more, to be consistent. Void has more consistent utility when it comes to heal block/reversal and power control because it requires no synergies, doesn't require a super high sig while it does help and passively applies, unlike Cap IW who needs to parry. Void is also better in fights that require that utility for a long period of time because you will have 100 uptime on fear of the void once you get going. He is a partial evade counter with his debuffs but CapIW has a form of evade countering as well. Void also has the added benefit of being incinerate immune making him one of the best counters for mephisto.

    CapIW has better damage than Void and while his heal/power control mechanics are less consistent he has a lot more utility on top of that. His block proficiency is very high and he has perfect parries so that makes him very sustainable fight to fight. His heavy attack is powerful and quick so for fights that require a low amount of hits to finish just parry heaving can be a good strategy and makes him viable against stunnable evade champions since they can't evade while stunned. He can bypass active unstoppables and his sig has a bevy of other small added benefits that depend on your team. Cap will be good to varying degrees depending on your team set up, if the team you usually use have a diverse amount of classes especially the classes that allow him to place his debuffs he will be very strong but without them he will still be good but without the consistent utility void has.
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    The eternal question! Can't go wrong with either.
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