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    I'm done! You idiots can believe he's the weakest champ if you want but when the AI switched from super Agro in duels and then plays super defensively in War his WAR AI is broke

    Good. Hope this is the last re-post on this topic from you or capww2. It's quite annoying to see it over and over again when the entire community is trying to help you guys getting better at fighting him.

    Right by suggesting I bring 3*s to war my ability to fight an enemy who violated his own AI patterns that I practiced against is gonna help me fight better. Or leaving huge gaps in my war Defense is gonna make me better in war… again 10/10 advice from the Hype-Trolls

    Omg just move on Your sounding so pathetic, msnnup an learn to fight or don't take power gain nodes. Actually even better idea is don't play aw then you won't have to deal with it

    Right because I obviously can't figure out how to play after being uncollected and getting Web Slinger no-no that was all luck… my issue isn't even lack of the proper champ but the fact the AI on Hype which was Spamming Specials in duels decided it was not gonna spam specials anymore… because when the AI literally holds BLOCK the entire fight I have more than enough power to get planet of L1 off
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    @Mr_Otter @CapWW2 ,

    You both have listed your accomplishments to prove your skills to refute others saying you're a noob at this game and fighting hyperion. Here's a question for you to answer:
    How are summoners who don't have the same "highly touted accomplishments" that you guys have beating hyperion??? They don't have the same accolades but they can beat him and aren't calling for a nerf....

    hmm so let's spell this out:

    Players who ARE tremendously more skill than both of you ( myself included;) ) can beat hyperion with little issue and aren't calling for a nerf.

    Players NOT more accomplished ( the lists your guys posted of the content you've beaten) can beat hyperion and aren't calling for a nerf either.

    See the issue here?? People above you AND below you aren't screaming and shouting for a Hyperion nerf because " he's too hard:(" or "the AI cheats and just blocks:("

    So where does that leave you two and your logic??? It leaves you in the middle of irrelevancy, crying and complaining about things that 95% of the player base can get over or get past fighting and skills wise. For lack of better words I'm embarrassed for both of you :/ maybe one day you'll get it. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes...
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    Better you play AW tier 10
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    He's very easy to bait. One of the easiest champs there is. You just need to play better.

    Yes I agree he is USUALLY easy to bait but I've had Hypes that refused to do anything other than block

    My point is that this much disparity makes any training or prep work Null when I face this anomaly

    Would "make Hype's AI more consistent with itself" be a better argument? I mean what if DS randomly stood blocking and whenever you tried to Heavy he slams you with a 5-hit into an L2… it'd be quite an anomaly to face something that you'd be completely off guard by and have no way to really counter it as to do so you'd have to be able to land a hit...
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    well this thread went overboard..
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