11 or 12 Core members looking for Gold1 or Platinum 3 Alliance

EasyE3841EasyE3841 Posts: 4
edited January 30 in Alliance Recruitment
We are a core group that has been playing together for years. 2 seasons ago we decided to make a change from running our own alliance and merge with another Gold 1 alliance. We just couldn't recruit good help in our alliance so we merged. Needless to say after 2 war seasons the alliance we merged with couldn't keep up with us and decided to turn into a retirement alliance. We were always the first AQ and AW to finish. We are not looking to retire and are looking for a new home. We run map 5 all 5 days and never have a problem finishing. AW we generally have run tier 4 with minimal deaths. If you are in a Gold 1 alliance in need of 11 or 12 skilled players hit me up on line. (The 12th guy is unavailable until mid to end of February but the other 11 guys are ready to relocate after season end) Line ID is: mnwild3841


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