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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
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Version 21.3 Discussion Thread



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    Swank777Swank777 Posts: 64
    _tokio_ wrote: »
    Not sure whats wrong on your side but everyone on android in our alliance incl myself was able to play the missing 7th final day on feb 6th. Been asking around on line and no1 complained about its missing.

    Join mcoc global on line app asking around your alliance on line app isn't really asking around much.
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    Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,043 ★★★★★
    • DARKHAWK: Autoblock will now trigger the Parry Mastery

    Wasn’t this an issue when modok was introduced?
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    tinman76tinman76 Posts: 117
    This has been the worst update by far for Android users. I honestly can't get moe that 5 minutes in the game before being kicked out or having connection issues! The patch notes stated that there would be lag and connectivity issues fixed, and all that happened was they became even worse! Please do something about this, as I'm positive that I'm not the only one having this problem.
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    MetalJakeMetalJake Posts: 343 ★★
    In-Game Name: MetalJake
    Device and Model: iPhone 6s
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.1.2
    Cellular or WiFi: Both - ATT 35.0
    Game Version Installed: 21.3
    Game Mode: Event Quest, AW
    AW: I clicked to travel to next tile, game never opened the challenge screen where I pick champ then click fight.. screen said "problems connecting to network" the game wouldn't let me do ANYTHING but I saw that the champ I went to fight was currently in a fight with the timer counting down. I restarted the game, went back to AW and my Corvus, who was at 80% health was now at 40%... I never even got chance to pick champ to use much less start fight with him...
    EVENT QUEST: have video of this... Mephistos Permanent AOI (when I use red attack whilst opponents at yellow) triggers, shows I have the buff tmbut never puts the ring of fire around him and when i parried, it triggered another stack of AOI and the buff showed 2 stacks, still no ring of fire. This has been going on for about 3-4 days now, I just finally caught it on screen recorder... it happens 3/4 fights i activate the Persistence AOI which only let's u do it once per fight.
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    Hey Kabam, my alliance have still not received the summoner advancement rewards. Is there any problems?
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    Darklord60Darklord60 Posts: 33
    Worst update ever,, if that's what you'd call I'm more inclined to say it's a downgrade or nerfing,, which ever you want to call,, I think you's need to do a complete diagnostic of the game
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    ReArthuReArthu Posts: 12
    Android 7.1.1 - MIUI 10
    I receive always "connection issue please verify your network" in any part of contest repetitively (more then one time in 5 minutes) on 3G, 4G, Home Wifi, Work Wifi, so with any network i use.
    The network issue is still there dear kabam!!! Have you server issue? Any dimensional issue on HW/SW factory? Why you don't communicate the issue, so we are concerned?
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Wolf ????? Where are you??? The issue is there from about two month.
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    Beta test put me to sleep
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    Wemo96Wemo96 Posts: 3
    Why do you loose fighting energy before you fight because of lagging issues and it’s your fought. I logged in to fight aq and everything worked out fine until I tried to fight in aq. When I started the fight it took so long and kept freezing until a message said it can’t connect now. So I started over and tried to fight again to see that I lost half of my fighting energy. This is getting ridiculous from lagging while trying to open crystals to trying to fight. If y’all trying to push the sale of potions just say so instead of doing it the illegal way. I would say I would wait on a generic email that’s a copy and paste a response to send but that will lag also.
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    Wemo96Wemo96 Posts: 3
    We don’t care about updates unless they are something about fixing lagging and glitches. Y’all to busy adding and updating this game to where y’all are adding more glitches, bugs, and lags
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