Block Proficiency Broken?

This has been happening for about a week and a half that I've noticed, but when blocking I am taking almost as much damage as when I get hit cleanly. Its very reminiscent of the changes to block proficiency right after version 12.0. I'm blocking strikes in Alliance Quest and still taking 600+ damage on a block. A regular hit is only a couple hundred more. The numbers don't add up.


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    I guess no one else is having this issue?
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    I am having similar issues and lost great deal of damage in Homecoming master mode. E.g. fighting Joe Fixit, my 4/40 AV lost about 50% health in full fight just as block damage even though I didn't get hit a single time. I thought this was because of my mastery setup, but maxing out block proficiency also didn't help significantly.
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    I think they need to change block proficiency to a percent again. Having it at a flat value of 800 doesn't really do that much imo.
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    Isman1998 wrote: »
    I think they need to change block proficiency to a percent again. Having it at a flat value of 800 doesn't really do that much imo.

    Changing it to a percentage isn't going to fix it. You can figure out the percentages by doing a little math. For example, Star Lord at 5/50 has a block proficiency rating of 3556 and when you switch it to a percentage it's 64.0%. Block proficiency when maxed at 800 is roughly 14.40%.

    The problem is with the game itself. Star Lord should reduce all incoming damage by 64.0% while blocking just based on his stats alone, never mind perfect block chance, armor, and parry. Right now it's about a 20% reduction in damage while blocking which is a problem with the game. Parry still seems to be working correctly when it happens.
  • I am also having this issue but quite rarely for some odd reason.
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    I am seeing it too. I see it more in AQ/AW and in Act 4.6. It does seem much worse than a month ago.
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    Did they add block penetration already?
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    Did they add block penetration already?

    No, block penetration is still zeroed out. You can get it as a synergy with Yondu and either Beast or Nightcrawler though.
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    I don't take nearly the amount of damage when blocking as I do when I get hit. It is more than before 12.0 but hats what Kabam wanted so you just couldn't block and take 0 damage constantly
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    You're lucky then. I'm trying to 100% Master mode right now and I'm not even taking a hit, the hit counters are 40ish to 0 after the fight and each of my champions is almost dead. Just testing out Ghost Rider vs Angela right now ( I don't have the ability to record and taking screen shots timed perfectly while fighting doesn't seem possible). A parried medium attack is 35 damage, a blocked medium attack is 235 damage, and a completely unblocked medium attack was 236 damage. That isn't right at all and @Kabam Miike or someone really needs to let the game team know. This is a big problem for trying to complete content. You should obviously take some damage blocking, but not this much. In AQ against Dormammu or that buffed Abomination on the poison path I'll be taking over 1000 damage per blocked hit. Block proficiency is not working.
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    I agree clean fights on 5.2 endup with a lot of lost health... This is really crazy I'm finishing fights with 0 hits and almost even not blocking just evading hits and finishing a fight under 20% health!!
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