Another season of disappointment

7 seasons and I have yet to get more t2a from war crystals than this


Just raise the minimum t2a amount already. Your RNG rewards take a big chunk of fun out of the game every time.

Also, I’ve gotten less t2a from map 6 crystals since their December update than I ever had previously. 1300 frags from 9 crystals per week. Glad my effort is paying off!!!!!


  • BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
    I’ve just barely formed one t2a from war crystals after a full year. At least raise the minimum t2a amount to 4k, that way from the season, a gold 1 player would get just about 1/2 of a t2a.
    Over a full year of pulling just the minimum, which is what I’ve gotten this first full year of seasons, that’s just enough t2a to r4 one 5*. That seriously is not asking for much.
  • IJsmutsIJsmuts Posts: 107
    Got a little better from 3 crystals (not a full t5b, but around 5k shards i guess)
  • RockonRockon Posts: 261
    id like to see an event or arena or something for people who are lower ranked in prestige who like the game as much as the ole timers and others to move up as well as move away from those who havent gotten the time nor patience for this movement of this game.
  • In regards to the Map 6 crystals, it's certainly the luck of the draw...


    Yes, that's a fully formed T2 Alpha. Not produced by frags. 7× Map 6 crystals opened as that's what we get per AQ cycle (140 million milestone). 1st time that's ever happened to me, but not the 1st time I've seen it happen.

    However, those War Crystals are far more unpredictable IMO. Personally, I wanted more t5bc frags, and only pulled I believe 3k out of the 3× crystals from G1 rewards. Never have seen the same result twice from the War Crystals. I've seen as high as 9k (t5bc) from a member in my Alliance, so it's possible to get more. I got vaguely 6k in T2 Alphas frags from the War Crystals this time as well.

    The RNG is the great equalizer in MCoC. Sometimes it beats you clean on the noggin, sometimes it plays 100% in your favor. I'm sure down the road (hopefully not too far) the numbers will increase for the t5bc and t2 alpha frags rewarded from the War Crystals. Seeing as how the Map 7 crystals are just around the corner, there will be more availability of t5bc frags in general. Now all we need is a t5bc arena, lol. I know, but we can dream can't we?
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