As we continue to work to address ongoing issues regarding Parry and Evade, we will be extending the Week 4 Quest of the Summer of Pain and its Solo Objectives by 1 week to better allow you to complete this content. This will not result in next week's content being delayed.

Man I really can't decide If I should save for Blade plzzzz help me



  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,015 ★★★★★
    Shuld hav alest go forv1 of him.
  • OrcDovahkiinOrcDovahkiin Posts: 323
    Man I even had the awakening gem for him RNG AT IT'S FINEST FOR ME I GUESS :(
  • Luckylefty01Luckylefty01 Posts: 124
    I have a decent roster of champs, even with Void, Ghost, Domino etc Blade is still on another level(currently saving). Anyone with Blade clears a majority of the game with ease. So yeah I have some amazing champs, adding Blade when there is a 20% chance is definitely worth it, at least to me.
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