Best champs for suicide masteries

Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 3,690 ★★★★★
For Endgame purpose, I wish to know which champions are best to use suicide masteries on? I know recoil is something that can't be avoided. And the damage I can do with suicides is better than without.. So which champions benefit the most from suicide masteries?


  • Ghost, Omega Red, Corvus, Mister Sinister, Darkhawk, Sentinel, Aegon, Korg
  • gage201205gage201205 Posts: 337 ★★
    Omega, Vision, Rulk, Gulk, Darkhawk, Mister Sinister, Ghost, Medusa, Hyperion, Ultron, Iceman, The Thing, just to name a few
  • Ghost is by far the best when it comes to suicide masteries. You can avoid all the damage by those mastery.
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 3,690 ★★★★★
    Thanks everyone
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