Is the game is getting way harder and are the 4 star champs becoming useless?



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    It’s not too hard. You need super skill
    I am a very average player and maybe below average. Played for 6 months turning 7 very soon. Became uncollected last month and was able to complete uncollected event quest(couldve explored it but I only had 5 days to participate in uncollected difficulty). This month I explore uncollected for the very first time using mainly 4 stars rank 5 and a rank 3 5 star. Granted most were god tier champs like CapIW and magik but if I can explore it with my average skills then it isnt too hard.
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    I'm not voting
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    It’s easier to do uncollected than this poll
    4* are very much useful in this game..
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    I don't think the game has become too hard (in most cases):
    I believe the game has reached a state where so much content has been released and the meta has changed to such a level of skill and ability and exact champions that in order to keep up with what is required the game basically feels like a part-time job.
    In most upper-level cases, map 5 is required in AQ. The general donation amount I've seen is 135k gold and 30k battlechips, take this amount and apply it to map 6 as the prices are changing and materials available are changing so Map 6 will become the new minimum requirement to stay relevant with the content. Map 6 currently awards about 2k in battle chips per day, you have 1/3 of the required donations so you need to run arenas (I used to run arenas like a religion for the featured 4*). So now you've run 1.5 million in the featured 4* arena and received 8,000 in battle chips from the milestones. Depending on your roster and if you've achieved the infinite streak you're probably about 20 to set up the 3x multiplier then use all r4 5* getting 9,x00 per run. This gets you about 6,000 more there, so you're still short. This is all just for your minimum donations to run a map to stay relevant in the high-level content.
    Your weekly donations in gold make up a 5th of the gold it would take to R5 a champion so you need to grind more arenas just for the gold, now if you want the rank up material for that you need to make sure you're 100% the monthly EQ from Epic below. At a cap of 70 energy that refills every 5 hours or so and on the final map can usually get you one path done.
    I'm not here to say "shame on Kabam for making the game have too much content," it's almost like WoW, in order to stay relevant you need to play more just to keep up. If you want to keep up with new content you need to remember they're creating it for the people who have R2 6* champs, if you don't have time to be on here like it's a job, the game is always going to feel too hard.
    The only reason that 4* would be considered irrelevant is their low health pools in terms of what you'd gain back from the revives and having to waste units on potions just because of chip damage (looking at you variant).
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    It’s not too hard. You need super skill
    The game is in a state that it necessitate the utilisation of specific champs to progress with a reasonable amount of difficulty.

    I have always felt, upon announcement of challenger ratings and noticing the trend of adding champions of increasing tiers i.e; 3* then 4*, then 5* then 6*...and (quite possibly) so on, that the lower tiered champs will be thrown into useless territory. Some champs with good attributes and abilities like SL, Starky, Blade can somewhat prove useful but that's besides the point.

    The game would benefit from some better design, planning and balance.
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    It’s too hard, 4* will always work for uncollected event quests.
    3 stars were irrellevant before 5 stars became the norm.
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    The game is getting harder at the highest level, because the champ strength is increasing. Of course. This is what should happen.

    ...and 4* are still extremely relevant in certain areas of the game.
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    It’s too hard, but 4* are still useful for the time being.
    Until you get their 5* versions at r3+, r5 4* are still gonna be mostly relevant as it's somewhat easier to get the right combination of champs that you need to activate various synergies and clear specific opponents etc.
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    It’s easier to do uncollected than this poll
    just one thing 4* are not supposed to be the main attack for uncollected even if lot of us can do it with'em so when a hard opennent face someone they should khnow that already when they made uncollected they made it for 5*s champion same as act 5 and act 6 now will require a bunch of r4+ 5*s / variiant

    4* have been the mai nattack for act 4 / heroic / master mode etcc
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    I do not think one needs loads of skills or the game has grown harder. the game has its progression gradually like it should be having. the only problem is that there is no separate bracket for the newbies. now a player who has joined a yr back cannot be expected to have same roster as that of the ones like howling commandos or whales ancient one etc. so if new players sees the Youtubers out there n desires to match their progress then they are only buying themselves frustrations n sinking feeling of "am not as good as them". no brothers those Youtubers are not gifted superhumans. they just had more time in their hands than those who joined the game be patient n observant if u really want to improve ur game.time n patience desire to do better will make one acquire skill n right roster automatically.match ur expectations with that of ur present ability then u will not be disappointed with self.
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