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Who to rank up?

I have a 5* unduped rank 2 spidergwen and a 4* duped rank 4 red hulk. Who should I rank up keeping in mind the new buff for spidergwen?

Who to rank up? 20 votes

5* unawakened Spidergwen
Jim0172A l p h aAanthotufan_1974Kobster84bluebubble100Maldroit2FhfjghhggggjfhfjgHonaway_23TheSquish671RockypantherxWozzy101SpiderBropotato_salad 14 votes
4* awakened Red Hulk
winterthurAtharva111Ingi_Freyr1975Marvel2289JoBoB1982Zaptosdaking 6 votes


  • This is a poorly managed post. All of these rank up questions hinge on a few things: current roster, skill, enjoyment, availability, and goal for questing, aw/aq.

    What answer do you have for,

    1. Iceman
    2. Medusa
    3. Hyperion
    4. Imiw
    5. Korg
    6. Emma
    7. Sentinel

    (Obviously more exist but the idea remains the same)

    knowing this answer or rather the lack of answer can help you know more of *who* you should rank up.

    Figure out your strategy for these main defenders and go from there.

    What’s my current strategy? To become stronger with raw damage and to be immune vs iceman. That’s why I’m on my path to bringing my 6 Sabre to rank 2 because of the insane amount of cold snap damage that I don’t even want to have problems with in act 6
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
    5* unawakened Spidergwen
  • 5* unawakened Spidergwen
    Spidergwen is getting the new buff as you said, but also 5stars are better in the long run than four stars
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