AA vs Aspect of Chaos

BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
Recently I was fighting Variant 1.3 Magik on Aspect of Chaos, with my 3/45 sig 132 AA.
I started the fight at 100%, she was at 20%.
By the time the first health switch triggered, I was at 98% and she was at 15%. I also had 4 neurotoxins active on her at the time. The switch gave me her health, but she did not receive my health, I assume because of the neurotoxins. Then when it switched back, I was at about 15% and she was at 12%.

Pre switch: AA-98% Magik-15%
Switch: AA-15% Magik-15%
Switch back: AA-15% Magik-12%

Is this working as intended? I know this node has caused a lot of “issues” in the past, but to my knowledge I’ve never used AA against this node. Was this an oopsie on my part, or possibly a bug?


  • ManChildManChild Posts: 608 ★★★
    That health was lost when it “went” to her because of the toxins. He’s not the best for that node.
  • BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
    Chalk it up to ignorance/user error? I kind of thought something funky might happen with it, but not THAT funky. IMO it’s kind of a trash interaction, but oh well. I wasn’t planning on using him anyway, only had to because I screwed up and lost sabretooth at the end.
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