Can someone please explain the Mastery ....when do you add things and remove things and why....also don't understand the buffs and nodes!! THANKS!!


  • Assuming you’re new to game, so speaking very generally...
    Masteries can help strengthen your players, or give them extra defensive or special capabilities. Click on your name at top of game screen to access adding Masteries. Search online for MCOC Mastery Guides (Ronin Nupe used to have a good one, stopped supporting it after a while but still a very good beginner guide if it’s still out there).
    ** Basically some good starting Mastery Nodes are Precision/Cruelty (increases Critical Hit Rate and Damage, really adds a punch to your attack), BlockProficiency (defense, lowers the amount of damage you take if you are hit while blocking, good especially if newer player), and under Proficiencies add Parry (lookup how to use), Limber (if opponent stuns you, reduces how long you are stunned for), and Dexterity (that one only needs to be Level 1). Those are very entry-level, the Mastery Guides will go much further in-depth.

    And Node Buffs are extras that the opponent has been given for particular nodes they are on, they either strengthen your opponent, or cause bad things to happen to you during the fight. And some node buffs are linked to other defensive nodes as well.
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    How do you know which nodes your opponent has and where can you see them?? Like I was fighting one and there was a purple triangle like thing above his name and it said something about nodes
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    Oh and Thanks for the info SummonnerNR
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    Oh one more thing....I'm seeing these people talking bout being DUPED AND UNDUPED what is that Please!!!??
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    That Purple symbol, click on it will tell you what INCOMMING support that node has. If that is in AQ-AW, you can wait for your teammates to kill whatever node is providing that purple link. If it is individual Quests, then purple link can not be taken out beforehand, it is support that is beefing up an entire path basically (or else is one of several boosts coming from different paths feeding the final Boss node, in which case you are removing it from just the path you are taking)
    FYI, an Orange symbol there means the node is giving itself the boost (not linked from any other node). And on maps, can see if a node has a purple or orange border around the defender Profile Pic on node.

    And Dup'd Hero means that you have pulled him from a crystal a 2nd time (or “Awakened” him using an Awakening Gem, triangle symbol on the Inventory Item) , and he has some additional Abilities unlocked then (see top of that hero's Profile screen).
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    So a node is the path your on in a quest?? THANK YOU SO MUCH SUMMONNER FOR THE INFO IT HELPED A BUNCH!!!
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    What the best way to obtain the mastery core things without using units!! Or is there a way??
  • Stoney Cores and Carbo Cores, nope, only way is to buy them. Earn Units from doing monthly quests and Arenas (and then opening Arena Crystals from Battlechips for more random Units too). Don’t spend Units on Premium Hero Crystals (Units are more valueable for Masteries and certain special offers).

    Class-specific cores are sometimes randomly on Daily Class Cat Quests, but rare. But don't bother with the 6 different Class Masteries anyways.
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    Thanks for the Info!!! So the best Masteries are Parry...Cruelty and Dexterity right? Are there others???
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    I recently seen someone say I want to become UNCOLLECTED . What does this mean???
  • And 1 in dexterity, you can evade attacks, including projectile attacks (lasers, blasts, etc) if you time it right.

    “Uncollected” means having beaten the Collector in Act-5 Chap-2 at least one time thru.
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    Sorry for asking so many questions it's just I want to do the right thing!! So I should have 1 in Parry...1 in cruelty and 1 in Dexterity and not worry bout the rest and worry about OFFENSE???
  • Ultimately, you will want to max out the greater cruelty and precision nodes (the ones that cost you to unlock), instead of the lesser cruelty and precision.

    And as you get more mastery points you can apply, just follow some Mastery guides or screenshots of suggested mastery setups.
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    Ok I've got 1 point in Parry and points in the ones after Parry but it's saying I need to UNLOCK Parry this necessary since I've got a point in it already??
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    Still trying to get help with this Mastery....I've got 1 point in Parry but its saying I need to unlock ...why is it saying this and do I need to unlock even tho it shows I've got 1 point in it???
  • It might be saying you have to Unlock the NEXT level. Some masteries have each level locked (requiring large amount of Units or Mastery Cores) which need to be unlocked once (per level). After unlocking you would still need to actually apply a mastery point and advance to that level (sometimes requiring only a small amount of Units, or Gold). But once unlocked, you can rearrange things by doing mastery resets, and they remain Unlocked, only requiring the smaller Units or Gold to reacquire that level again.
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    Ok thanks but the next one is unlocked but the Parry is clouded over and the part that has the numbers is red and saying I need to unlock when I press on it but has one point in it!!
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    I'll do a screenshot and show ya
  • Maybe you have run out of Mastery points to use ? You’ll get another point each time your Summoner Level (XP experience bar) goes up another level.
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    I went ahead and unlocked it and it looks ok !! Thanks for Info!!
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    Wow all I gotta say is that it's good to see ppl still helping the newcomers, it truly warms my heart
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    Yes it is ....I've only been playing about a month!!! I guess I'm doing ok...I've got 53 Champions I believe and at level 28 and I've finished a lot of quest and really hitting the arena hard for the past couple of days!! My problem is trying to make a good Team cause I cant Remember what everyone does but a guy helped me out some on my other post about TEAM!!!
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