So is it Always better to use the Class Bouns Camps on a opponent or is it not necessary SOMETIMES!!!


  • Is not necessary most of the time (although it does give you higher Attack to make the fight quicker sometimes). But if you have a better hero option (especially someone that regenerates health like Ultron), you could just use them as a primary attacker for everyone. While fighting the other way (with a Disadvantage champ) will give the opponent a higher advantage, and could cost you more health if you tend to get hit a lot.
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    Ok Thanks!!!
  • Some pretty good info was given already, and I would agree that it would be good to consider everything on a fight-by-fight basis. If all options are otherwise equal, I'll usually go with the Champ that gives be class advantage. However, I also consider the abilities of the Champions I'm facing. For example, Crossbones has a class disadvantage against Mister Sinister, but he was still useful for me in this past event quest since he couldn't crit and so wouldn't active Sinister's healing.
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