In game loyalty to purchase revive potions for story content

I’m thinking we should be able to use loyalty to purchase revives not only for AQ and AW but maybe Have a rotating revive usable for story content


  • MrsGondola420MrsGondola420 Posts: 146
    Can't you already buy potions and revives with loyalty? Just gotta wait for them to pop up in the store.
  • FrnkieloFrnkielo Posts: 179
    Not for story
  • HerrPopopHerrPopop Posts: 183
    There's a level 2 team revive in the loyalty store from time to costs a little above 40k
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 24,034 ★★★★★
    HerrPopop said:

    There's a level 2 team revive in the loyalty store from time to costs a little above 40k

    Is there? I must have missed it. I haven't seen any normal Revs there. I agree with the OP. It would be great to buy them with Loyalty or Glory. I've been stuck in Quests at Bosses a number of times and Grinding to the RNG Gods for Units. LOL.
  • FrnkieloFrnkielo Posts: 179
    Yea that’s an AQ/AW 40 percent revive...they need to add story mode revives for sure
  • RustyWarRustyWar Posts: 27
    I’d like to see some some level 1 revives since you can’t purchase them anywhere
  • ILovePoniesILovePonies Posts: 158
    Loyalty is a game currency awarded mainly by playing AW... so to be used in alliance events (aw/aq) yeah revives would be nice.. but not from loyalty. Also its not like you cant grind units ir farm them thru daily events like the rest of us
  • MyselfandiMyselfandi Posts: 165
    It should be about time.... The lag on android is a killer. I am in the later stages of act 5 where 1 5hit combo can ruin your champ. Because of lag. And for me it's getting worse and worse. I own a samsung galaxy s8. Surely that phone is not out of date for this game yet!!!!. For now I just restart lanes. Wait for energy to build back up and have another go. Soon I'll get sick of that............
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